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Ramaz 2004-2007

2.0: 2007, / "
'Viva la Pluralism'

some Equipment & Tools

Watch & Listen to some of the school's activities at Ramaz.TV.

"Under New Rule, Make-up Tests Become After-school Activity"

Rules of the Library Game POINT: Strictness Pushes Propriety, By Jessica Spiegelman '05
Rules of the Library Game COUNTERPOINT: Protecting Decorum
By Ms. Esther Nussbaum and Ms. Chaya Wiesman

The official job title is: Library Assistant
Library Jokes

My job is to maintain the library in good order.
(during my 3 years work, I processed about 1300 items (Books, DVDs & Videos)
What is that mean? What do I do?
Equipment I work with

Take & Sort daily mail.

Put on display 2 daily & 4 weekly newspapers

We have about 1000 Videotapes & DVDs

Processing Books

Fixing books

Daily re-shelving of books & magazines

Struggling to keep a quiet environment (its amazing to see when students laugh at the fact)

Check-in / Check out (managing the checkout cards)

Maintaining the Photocopy machine/printer/scanner (enough paper, toner, scheduling technical solutions, paper jams, cleaning)

Organizing 47 different publication back issues archive, & being in touch with the publishers for missing issues

Organizing & maintaining 50 On Display periodicals

8 computer stations

Assisting and reference for students & faculty

(Provide helpful accessories: Seizures, tape, pens, pencils, ruler, scrap papers, paperclips, stapler)

Collect Over Dues for late return books

Print occasionally stickers, labels, & sighs

Providing daily crosswords (in order to innovate a little (& to use the max of the paper), I add a short article from this day in history or other important news

Maintain a clean & organize environment: set furniture, papers off the floor etc.

"No Food Or Drink" the signs says, but daily we have problems with students. Some of them are already known to have library misconduct

Major Projects: Beit Midrash (2004-5). Digitizing, editing & cataloging thousands of articles (Vertical Flies), in 4 major Categories & hundreds of subcategories


Behavior: Please dont sit on tables, & dont step on chairs

Its extremely hard when teacher interact loudly with students in the library (one would expect the teacher to show example, to quiet things down)

Some proctoring & chaperoning

REF (reference), non-reference, fiction, paperback, (B) Books

"Not to cover any important information"

"Dress Code" not enforced

The library serves both students & teachers

In addition to handling the daily work, to:
Putting books back on the shelves
Re-organizing the tables & chairs
Collecting misplaced books
Dumping left-behind garbage (mainly papers)
Labeling, printing cards & fixing books
Too frequent Shushing students (sometimes even teachers)

I am assisting students & teachers dealing with the photocopier-printer machine.
That means...

(Nov.2006) I initiated a mini-project, to re-organize the Library office. We had a shelving unit that held small item, such as: Card, Stickers, Bulbs, & other library accessories. The unit was too deep, and you couldnt really see what is in there. Also, the unit caught 3/4 of the a Flat-top, in a space that is already very limited. Well, I took it out this unit, cleared the flat-top, & installed on the wall, 3 units (13 bins) of what is called Tilt-Bins. Now, there is much more space; Now we can see what we have at all times; It is all more organized; and, it is more esthetic.