TeboninŽ/EGb 761/Ginkgo biloba leaves' extract

GUSE and Manbridge Enterprise - "An extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves was first registered as a medication by Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Company in 1965 in Germany. The products became commercially available as drops and sugar-coated tablets under the trade-name "TeboninŽ"... the extract obtained the code-name "EGb 761" (Extractum Ginkgo bilobae 761)."

A really great & Extensive Overview from the American Botanical Council - "... There have been over four hundred scientific studies conducted on proprietary standardized extracts of the leaf of ginkgo in the past 30 years. Ginkgo is the world's most ancient extant tree, originating two hundred million years ago. Primary research was conducted by the W. Schwabe Co. of Karlsruhe, Germany, producer of the proprietary extract EGb 761... Ginkgo biloba extract (GBE) has been popular in Europe and now is popular in the United States and other parts of the world for its neuroprotective properties and ability to aid circulatory problems in the elderly, especially cerebral insufficiency and the consequent cognitive effects, peripheral circulatory impairment, particularly intermittent claudication (poor circulation to the lower legs), and vertigo and tinnitus. New uses for protection against altitude sickness and to mediate erectile dysfunction in males have also been investigated...".

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HealthWorld Online - Laboratory research on Ginkgo's cardiovascular effects (Clinical research, Therapeutic Uses, and more) - "An abundance of research has been undertaken on this ancient plant, revealing a wide range of profound and important therapeutic effects. They can be grouped into cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic effects. Here we shall focus on the cardiovascular indications. Please refer to the sections on the nervous system and immune support for a review of the rest of Ginkgo's uses." (I found this site to be UnFriendly user. BUT, if you do have patience, it contain allot of valuable information).

Under the category of CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY, RxList.com brings Published Studies, Info on Arteriosclerotic Disorders, Anti-Tumor Activity, Anti-Oxidant/Radiation/Stress, and Contact Dermatitis.

36 chapters by The Life Extension Foundation On GINKGO BILOBA.

4 kinds of Tebonin: TeboninŽ forte 40mg Filmtbl, TeboninŽ forte 40mg Lsg, TeboninŽ intens 120mg, TeboninŽ spezial 80mg.

100 60mg GINKGO BILOBA's capsules @ $13.95 (Buy OnLine)

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Note: In one of the webpages above I found the term "gelatin capsule". Just watch for Kashrut issues.

Inquired Indirectly By a woman, in Yossi Sayas's program on Reshet Bet, early morning of April 25th 2002. I faxed what I found, But got no reply.