Inquiry: "Se'udat Aniyim" ( )
Inquired By: Mr. W. - Hebrew Classification and Cataloging Dept.,
Wurzweiler Central Library, Bar-Ilan University
Referred By: Touro Womens Division Library - NYC

On Tue, 3 Oct 2000, in reply to Mr. W.'s Email:
"... I saw the Email & Found the Q. interesting as well. So, I started my research. Baruch Hashem... I did it... & I would like to share it with you". I will be happy to sent it to you".

Wed, 11 Oct 2000. Re: "Se'udat Aniyim". From: Mr. W.
"I was happy to get your letter today together with the enclosed photocopy. The patron who originally requested the information was overjoyed to receive it... many thanks again for your research".