In this page I would like to share the Variety of Produce & other ingredients I came across.
Most of the links will goto The Cook's Thesaurus, which I found it to be a good reference, for both info & images:

Root vegetables: Beet, Carrot, Celery root, Kohlrabi, Lotus Root, Parsnip, Radish, Turnip
Jicama, Jerusalem artichoke (called also Sunchoke), taro root, water chestnut

Potatos: Idaho, Yukon Gold, Purple, Fingerling Sweet Potato & Yam

Asparagus, Celery, Fennel, FiddleHead Ferns, Hearts of Palm, Rhubarb, White Asparagus
Onions: Shallot, Red Onion, Vidalia, Leeks, Scallion (Green Onion), Ramps

Garlic, Ginger & Galangal

Baby Bok Choy, Brussel Sprout, Flowering Kale, Cabbage (Green, Nappa, Red, Savoy)

Arrugola, Endive, Lettuce (Bibb, Boston, Romaine (Baby, and Romaine Hearts)),
Mache, Frisee, Escarole, Baby Red Oak, Mizunna, Radicchio, Mesclun (Spring Mix)

Broccoli Rabe, Chinese Broccoli, Baby Spinach, Swiss Chard (Regular, Rainbow)

Artichoke, Broccoli, broccolini, Cauliflower

Beans (Haricot Vert, Wax, String, long) fava bean

Okra, Snow Peas, Sugar Snap

Mushrooms: Bear's Head, Black Trumpet, Chanterel, Enoki, Morrel, Oyster, Portabella, Shiitake, Truffles, White

Tomato: Cherry, Plum, Vine Ripe, Teardrop) Eggplant: Chinese, Italian Squash: Butternut, Spaghetti Chayote, Yellow Squash, Zucchini Hothouse Cucumber Pepper Avocado Corn

Sea Vegetables: Seaweeds, Sushi Nori, Salted Seaweed (Green & Red)

Sprouts: Alfalfa, Radish, Mung Bean, Snow Pea Shoots
MicroGreens: (ASAP)

Citrus Fruits: Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Kumquat, Lemon, Lime, Pomelo

Berries: Blueberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Cape Gooseberry, Cranberry, Red Currant, Raspberry, Kiwi

Cherry, Peach Banana, Coconat, Figs, Papaya, Mango, Persimmon, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Carambola (Star Fruit) Lychee, Plantain, Rambutan Apples, Pears
Melons: Crenshaw, Honeydew, Cantaloupe & Watermelon

Herbs: Cilantro, Mint, Flowering Chives, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Lemongrass, Pandan Leaf, Basil, Bay Leaf, Chives, Dill, Parsley, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme (& Lemon Thyme), Taragon

Spices: Green Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cumin Seeds, Corriander Seed, Fennel Seed, Mace, Mustard Seeds, Saffron, Vanilla Bean, Star Anise Caraway Seed, Nutmeg Annatto Seed, Crushed Red Pepper Carom Seed (Ajowain), Amaranth Seeds, Quinoa

Rice: Basmati, Black Forbidden, Sticky, Wild

Dry Peas & Lentils: Black-Eyed Pea, Chickpea, Green Pea Beluga Lentil, Moong Dal, Black Lentil, White Lentils

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