Welcome to the old, cob-webbed autograph library.
Here you can view great artifacts... Like the autographed check from head stooge Moe Howard!


Kinky Dick Van Dyke/Mary Tyler Moore pic

Autograph of Vito Scotti

"YOU'RE Funny" Phil Hartman Autographed Photo

Check from Mae West

Autograph of Bud Abbott

1955 Tax Document signed by Lou Costello

1947 Check to the Friars from Lou Costello

Autograph of Fatty Arbuckle

Peter Sellers autographed photo

Cheech & Chong autographed photo

Dick Gregory autographed photo

Moe, Larry & Curly autographs

A contract signed by Moe, Larry and Shemp

Harold Lloyd autographed card

Buster Keaton autographed photo

Autographed photo of Joe Penner

Autographed photo of Hal "Great Gildersleeve" Peary

Stan Laurel personalizes an old signed photo

George Carlin's scribbly signature on a Record

Esther Rolle's autograph

Autographed album page with Love from Chico Marx

Autographed Postcard from Harpo Marx

Groucho Marx autographed photo

Nick Stewart (a.k.a. "Nick O'Demus") signed photo

Comical "Dr. Watson" Nigel Bruce Self-Caricature

Autographed Smith and Dale photo

Autographed Rowan and Martin photo

"Jose Jimenez" album autographed "with love"

Sam Kinison autographed album

1940's black comedy team: Apus and Estrellita

Blank check signed by Lenny Bruce (why'd he do that?)

Autographed "Leave it to Beaver" 3 of 4 Cast Members

Autographed "Honeymooners" 3 of 4 Cast Members

Jackie Gleason signed 50's tax document

Newest additions...

Paul Lynde autographed show booklet

Marty Feldman (Ask me who has the helmet & scarf now)

The insufferable Mr. Paar, pre-"I don't sign autographs"

Stoopnagle and Budd both sign a photo. Gee....

1925: W.C. Fields Writes a Check!

Vintage George Gobel

Silent screen baby-man Harry Langdon

Chipmunk-leader David Seville (signing using his REAL name!)

HREF="/ny/nyuk/images/serioussteveallen.jpg"> A young, very serious Steve Allen

I'm always adding to the collection...check back every few weeks!