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The latest entry in the big-in-Europe-but-trying-to-break-through-in-the-States
sweepstakes is the boy group 'N Sync, which seems poised to enter
the winners' circle.

The group is about to find out what it's like to play in front of a large
American audience, even if most of them paid to see someone else.
On October 14, 'N Sync begins its stint as the opening act on Janet
Jackson's tour. To hear them tell it, the boys are pretty excited about
the whole thing.

"Dude, OK I just want to say about two to three years ago I
had her poster on my wall so I'm psyched. I don't know what to
say, I don't know what to say about that," Justin TImberlake said.

"We actually saw the show though, in Orlando, we got to see
the show and it was incredible so go out and see the show, it's
gonna be great," Lance Bass said.

"We don't care if we get booed of the stage," Chris Kirkpatrick
said. "We're just gonna be like, 'What's up Janet. You're
welcome. They're ready for you.'"

"I just wanna be the guy in the chair," [28.8 RealVideo] J.C.
Chasez joked about Ms. Jackson's nightly simulated lap dance
[28.8 RealVideo].

'N Sync opens for Janet from October 14 to the 31, then they will
go on to stage their own tour on November 20.

(from MTV gallery)