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Nory's Home Page - Yes, Another One!

Welcome to the "Home" Pages ...
Home Improvements
Home & Garden
Home Finances
Household Pets
Home Health & Medical

Updated 12/29/98 - NEW this week! The Appliance Repair Page, the Tools Page, the Hobbies Page, The Consumer Info Page, andthe Housekeeping Page!!! Also, about 32 new links everywhere else! Check 'em out!

Home Improvement Ideas and Help

Barb's Building & Home Repair Page
Better Homes & Gardens' Home Improvement Encyclopedia
Bob Vila's Home Site
Consumer Home & Garden Online
Construction Industry Webring
Don Vandervort's Home Tips
Fixit Home Page
Fix it Related WWW Sites
Geocities-Home&Living-Home Improvement
Home Arts Network: Shelter
Home Central
Home Doctor
Home Ideas
Home Improvement & Construction Connection
Home Improvement Highway
Home Improvement Net Tips
Home Maintenance & Repair
Homeowner Net
Hometime Users Forum Archives
HouseNet< BR> Help Yourself Household Fixes
Metacrawler Search: "home improvement"
On-Line Handyman
Popular Mechanics Homepage
Rust Removal
Studyweb Home Improvement
This Old House
Today's Homeowner Online
Tower Paint & Decorating
Web Centers / Home & Garden
WebCrawler: Home & Family: Home & Garden
WebCrawler: Home & Real Estate

Everything you need to know.

Appliance Repair & Service
Handy stuff to check out before you call the repairman. Okay, so I called the repairman anyway.... at least I knew what he was talking about when he got here!

Household Electric Links
If you're like me, and every light or switch you touch in your house blows fuses or shoots sparks, you need to check these out! They've helped me a great deal. Now I hardly ever get shocked, and even my eyebrows are starting to grow back!

Woodworking Links

Good stuff here!

Gardening Links

Do you have a brown thumb? Thankfully, there's help on the internet!

Home Finance/Investing
Got a litte cash left over after all those projects? Check out these financial/investments links to help you to get the most money for your money.

Household Pets Links
Dogs, cats, birds, fish, you name it, we got it!

Home Health / Medical Links
Health, Nutrition, and Medical information

Recipe Links
Not too much here yet, but my own holiday recipes will eventually be here, by popular demand.

Consumer Info.
Coupons and other stuff.

Hard to describe exactly what this stuff is, but it comes in pretty handy.

Crafts Links

I don't have too many here yet. If you have some you'd like to see added, please e-mail me and let me know.

Hobbies Links

Not too much here yet either, but I'm working on it.


Still have home improvement questions or problems? Click here to go to the Home Repair Newsgroup, and ask all the questions you want.

What Home Improvement page would be complete without a link to Touchstone Television's Home Improvement web page!

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