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New york Ninpokai

The NEW YORK NINPOKAI is the premier training hall for traditional Ninjutsu in New York State. Found in 1980 by its Director and Senior Instructor, James Loriega, The NINPOKAI is dedicated to uncompromising quality instruction in authentic ninja arts, strategies, and philosophies. Included in our comprehensive curriculum are all of the traditional warrior's combat disciplines, such as:

* unarmed combat * knife fighting * stick fighting * chain fighting * blade throwing * and many more

Ninjutsu training at The NINPOKAI is unique in that it also includes the vast repertoire of the ninja's secret mental disciplines.  Referred to as "occult arts" by those who do not understand them, the ancient ninja's mind techniques allowed him to confront and overcome all obstacles in the natural, Zen-like manner that all humans are capable of but few are able to consciously apply.  Among the mental disciplines taught at The Ninpokai are:

* Auto Suggestion * Self Confidence * Fear Projection * Mind Entangling * and many others

The ninja's endless and enduring art has been interpreted to mean many things, among them, The Act of Protecting Against Danger.  In this sense, the art empowers the ninja to have control not only against physical danger, but over interpersonal, environmental, and emotional threats as well.  In effect, what the study of authentic ninjutsu gives its practitioners is assurance of Total Security.

The NINPOKAI training hall is open to accept sincere and qualified candidates. Personalized instruction is available to men, women, and children over the age of 14. Women should note that, in its completeness, ninjutsu includes a combat-effective female self-protection system known as Onna Shinobi, the Secret Woman.

Due to the nature of the instruction, all applicants are thoroughly interviewed prior to acceptance. Those accepted will be considered probationary members for a period of three months, during which time their sincerity, progress, and motivation will be evaluated.  The NINPOKAI reserves the right to dismiss any student whose character, altitudes of intentions are deemed suspect. For an appointment to visit interview, or enroll, email me at

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR James Loriega, the Founder and Director of The NEW YORK NINPOKAI, begun his intensive study of Ninja Warrior Ways in 1967 under the personal tutelage of Shihan Ronald Duncan, the acknowledged Father of American Ninjutsu. In over twenty years of training, Loriega has earned Fifth degree Black belt in a number of ninjutsu systems such as koga-ryu and Tsugawa- ryu. An avid practitioner of traditional Samurai arts as well, Sensei Loriega has also achieved instructor's certification in other martial arts such as jujutsu and kobujutsu. Since 1982, he has worked as special Consultant to NINJA Magazine, the only legitimate New York publication dedicated to the dissemination of true ninjutsu. His authoritative writing have appeared in BLACK BELT, AMERICAN KARATE, INSIDE KUNG-FU, DEADLY WARRIOR, as well as in NINJA.

The Members of the Ninpokai