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We are a small club based on the west side of the tug hill plateau in the small village of Mannsville N.Y..Are trails are all accessible to the Tug Hill trail system including the countys of Jefferson,Oswego,Lewis and Onieda.Our main trail head is located at the River Valley Inn in Mannsville N.Y..There is ample plowed parking for trucks,trailers and sleds alike.If you don't want to drive up the hill to park its an easy hop,skip and jump off interstate 81 at exit 39.Food,fuel and nearby lodging is also avaliable.


I would like to add this section in hopes to express concern about rider safety.Your snowmobile is a high powered piece of machinery that can bring you many years of pleasure.Without the respect it deserves it can also be very dangerous. Always obey trail signs and posted speed limits.Always stay on the marked trails.Respect for private landowners is a main concern.Without the consent of these people many trail corridors would be closed making other trails impossible to reach.When riding your sled always ride within your means.Know your capabilitys and your experience as a driver.Always drive defensively.Anticipate what another operator may do.And last but not least, PLEASE DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!! Alcohol greatly reduces your reation time.Lets all try to ride safe and have a great time!

Hope to see you on the trails!


If anyone is interested in joining our club drop me an E-mail and I'll be glad to send you a membership form.I will need your name and address.We are a non profit organization and all monies recieved go to help maintain our trails.REMEMBER,WITHOUT OUR CLUBS WE WOULDN'T HAVE ANY TRAILS TO RIDE ON!


(oct. 11,1998) At this time we are yet to schedule any events for the 98-99 season but should be doing so in the near future


(update ( 10/11/98)

Hello fellow sledheads! No, I haven't seen any of the white stuff in the air yet but the frost has definately been on the pumpkin. You all know what that means(no, its not time for dicky dunkin!),its time to get the old powder rockets out and blow the moths out of them(and the mice too as I found to be residing in my air box).It won't be long before the snow will be flyingand it wouldn't hurt to do a pre-winter check on the old sled.Remember, its been hibernating for 7 months.Who knows, if your yards big enough a couple grass runs may be in store to get the adrenalin flowing! Just a reminder that the trails will be closed til after hunting season so lets stick to the seasonal roads so we keep the hunters happy not to mention the land owners that let us use thier land to ride on. Many of them are hunters too! Well if the weatherman is right this should be a great winter to ride. He's calling for below normal temps and normal snowfall for the northeast. You all know what normal means around here.Lots of lake effect and cold temps so it will stick around. Hope to see you all out there soon.