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Even in country's were they couldn't even pronounce her name. She was the prime sex symbol. Arthur Miller married her. Joe DiMaggio, escorted her to her grave. She was involved with two Kennedy's, a senator and a president. She could snatch Yves Montand from his movie star wife. To the existing Julian and Gregorian calendar, she added the " Marilyn Monroe Calendar". The Catholic church knows the aberration called " Mariolatry"( the excessive worship of the virgin Mary) Well Marilyn has given rise to a secular counterpart, " MARILYNOLATRY". Her death at 36 spawned myth and legends: Was it suicide, and accidental overdose, or a political assassination? Other dead movie goddesses are forgotten; Marilyn lives on. In art, Warhol, de Kooning, and Rauschenberg immortalized her. Books about her proliferate. And the photographs. Well as we all can see the camera adored her. She gave great still. She is funnier in stills, sexier, more mysterious. She facinates in many ways. As the near orphan and foster child, who transformed herself by slow stages from the cute kid next door into the super Goddess we all know. As the breathy voice child-woman, as the perfect body whose voluptuousness contrasted provocatively with that hesitant, girlish walk. There was also her more than vulnerability helplessness, that brought out the protector in some men, the predator in others. Also the poignant striving of self-improvement: voracious reading of good books, attending the Actors Studio to be coached at the height of her career like a beginner. All this made the woman we all know as Marilyn Monroe. There hasn't been or never will be no one like "Marilyn".


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