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Chamber of Marilyn Manson

go ahead and build another messiah, we can dig another grave... Listen, there is something that saved my name. If you aren't hearing this there is nothing I can do. Something was grown inside my chest, and I've suffered and I've survived. I followed. It's been dormant for many years. I'm only trying to save you, but I cannot come to save you. But this is what you deserve, this is what we deserve. This is something your Lord got upon the cross. We did not offend none who were not offended. You are not a victim, and you are not an offender. We all have cut our names, but I know a flaw in my name. These are the dying years. These are the dying years. When you are suffering, know that I have betrayed you...

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Hello! Thanks for visiting the Chamber of Marilyn Manson! The OFFICIAL CHAMBER OF MARILYN MANSON will be released by January 1, 1999! Thank you for all the support, it is because of you that I have decided to take some time to work on creating a new, better OFFICIAL CHAMBER OF MARILYN MANSON. Email me at with any suggestions, etc. (THIS IS A NEW ADDRESS!) Thanks again!
Sweet Dreams,
Ms. Manson Ramirez

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Now not only is this page be a place for fans to visit for information on Marilyn Manson, but also a place where non-fans, and/or people who dislike the band because of their lack of understanding, can learn to understand everything they are currently unable to. I hope this page will be able to do that. I am not trying to force people into liking the band. I am not trying to convince people that Christianity is bad. I am not trying to convince people to like or do anything against their own will. I am merely trying to help people understand what I have learned to. I am trying to teach people that they should not immediately hate or dislike difference.
So many people in society today do not understand the things that Marilyn Manson do. Therefore they decide that they are evil and should be banned. Americans, and people worldwide, would rather throw on their "good-guy badges", and leave it at that, because it's easier than trying to understand. I would just like to know why. I would like to know why this country, that is supposed to be free, decided to establish those nice little amendments. It's obvious that most people have forgotten their meaning. What ever happened to the First Amendment?

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Welcome fans and those searching to understand, I am Manson Ramirez, a devoted Marilyn Manson fan. I have liked the band since 1995, and therefore feel that it is wrong what is being done today. It is not right that people can ban a certain band from their area just because of a few lyrics. Lyrics aren't everything, but then again neither are album titles.
To me, it seems that Marilyn Manson has only become such a controversial band today because they released an album titled "Antichrist Superstar". As soon as the album was released, church-goers everywhere were paying close attention to the band's every move. Some only banned them because they released an album with that title. I feel that many people would not care so much about what Marilyn Manson do if they had decided to name the album something different...

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