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This is a little pond for your dollhouse size
garden 1:12 scale.
It's 7"L x 5" W.
It is filled with "virtual" water that is
permanent, but not for the heat of the sun!
1 1/2 deep. The pond contains:
7 hand-crafted goldfish, swimming about,
colorful sea shells and snails climbing up
the walls of the pond. A clam taking a breath with tiny bubbles in the water above it.
There is plant life, coral from the
Atlantic ocean at Montauk,
pretty pink water lily with lily pads,
cat tails growing from the water.
Tiny plants are planted here and there
between the rocks on the outside.
Item # P1000 Price$175.00
Shipping USA Only $10.50
Includes Insurance (A MUST)
More pictures ....


Click here for my "Bubbles Pond" ****SOLD**** pictures

My First Pond

Price: $150.00 S&H $10.50 Includes Ins.

Yucca Plant
This is a 4" tall Yucca plant, planted in a 1" terra cotta pot.
Great addition to your mini garden. Hand crafted of silk, not paper.
I do many types of greenery and will be adding them soon.
Item # Y1000 Price$10.00
Shipping USA Only $1.50

Garden Wall

This little corner wall is made of stone
with a pretty pink flowering green vine,
with a tiny butterfly landing on the vine,
little bushes in front of each wall.
This is a nice decor for your dollhouse 1:12
scale garden.
Item # W1000 Price $45.00
Shipping USA Only $4.95
Insurance Optional ($1.20)
2" tall by 3" long on each wall from the corner.

Tiny Butterfly Pool

The latest trend in gardening.
It's 1 1/4" L X 1" W X 1/4" deep.
It's made of ocean washed purple glass shards
with virtual water in the little depression.
There are 5 teeny butterflies who are
attracted to the little pond. One is in the water
taking a drink,(not in the pic) others are fluttering on
the glass rocks. Sorry the pics are so big
but better for viewing the details.
I like to see what I am buying.
Unbelieveable details!
Item# B1000 Price: $20.00 S&H $2.50 USA Only
Insurance $1.20 Optional

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