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Sara 73

Every so often JTC finds a surfer who really exemplifies what this site is all about. This person's views and goals are praiseworthy from a Jewish perspectives and their opinions are a valuable asset to our community

Hi folks! First of all, thanks for taking the trouble to read all about me! I am a 15-year-old girl (not 73!), and I live in Israel. I wasn't born here; we made Aliyah -which is why I can speak English. Also, I am a religious Jew (but I dislike labeling people).

What are my hobbies? Music (I play the guitar), Reading (I am a confirmed bookworm), Writing (short stories and stuff), Horse back riding and Swimming (I'm not very good at either, but they are just so much FUN!) Most important of all however, are friends. Which is why I like this site so much!

We may be in different places, living different life styles, and yet we can all come here, share opinions, post questions, and just hang out!

I am not posting my picture, or my last name, for the same reasons that Mordechai didn't. Along with all the dangers of cyberspace, I also feel more relaxed and free to express myself when I remain anonymous. (Without worrying "what will people think?") I would love to receive e-mails from you, at