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The Bamboo Cradle
Schwartzbaum, Avraham
Adopting a Chinese baby leads an American professor
and his wife to the discovery of their own Jewish heritage.
An absorbing, true story to read and re-read.

A Light for Greytowers
Vogiel, Eva and Steinberg, Ruth
Fifteen-year old Miriam defies the cruel matron of the
English orphanage and inspires the girls to return to a Jewish life
in this captivating novel of faith and courage. 252 pp.

Listen to the Soul:
Stories that Touch the Heart and Nurture the Spirit
Walder, Rabbi Chaim

Translator: Friedman, Devora
The popular teacher and noted children's author has
utilized his talent for listening and his keen
writing skills to reach an adult readership.
These sixteen inspiring and heart-
warming stories convey timeless lessons. 242 pp.

As Mountains Around Jerusalem
Pomerantz, Rachel
From an acclaimed novelist comes yet another
fascinating tale of four young people from the four
corners of the earth: a farm boy from the
Midwest, an Australian yeshiva student,
a wealthy girl from New England,
and a Yemenite girl from Israel. This is an eloquent,
inspiring story of our times, of the search for meaning,
the eternity of the Jewish People,
and of Divine Providence. 256 pp.

The Selby Printout
Benjamin, Ruth
A thrilling novel of a recent ba'al teshuvah
confronting the world of high-tech crime
and his own searing questions on his place
in the Jewish world. 296 pp. Targum Press

"Hey, Taxi! Teller, Hanoch
Heart-warming stories heard in taxis, or told by
cabbies all over the world. 384 pp

Modesty: An Adornment for Life
Falk, Rabbi Pesach Eliyahu
A clear and comprehensive delineation of the laws of
modesty which provides insights and practical
advice on all aspects of dress and behavior. 706 pp.

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