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High School Basketball Illustrated Online Written by Jason Mizrahi

This is the site for great recruting information daily!!!

Hi my name is Jason Mizrahi. Welcome to High school basketball illustrated online.

My main knowledge is toward east coast players but this site will include world wide recruting information.

Please email me at for all your recruiting questions and comments I would also love to hear all your opinion on recruting

The above picture is of Rashard Lewis from Elsik H.S. in Texas. He is the best big man from Texas since a guy named Shaq. Rashard will be a lottery pick in the upcoming draft. He is one of the top canadates for the HSBI Online player of the month which is such a prestigous award.

Recruting Information of the day:

More from May 6, 1998: I will be out of town during the next 3 days so don't this I am ignoring this page or your emails.

Top 10 Summer Events This is a quick presummer list.

1. Obviously the Nike all-american camp and the Adidas ABCD camps are at the top if you can get there you got game.

2. The Five-star camp

3. Prep Stars camp (just like the nike and adidas camp in they invite players and have a ton of major coaches there)

4. West 4th street pro classic( A nike tourney in NYC) best in the city

5. Nike pro classic at hunter college

6. Eastern Invitational camp

7. Metro classic at seton hall

8. Adidas big time in las vegas AAU

9. Bob Gibbons tourney of champions

10. PIBC For any additional info on these or any summer events you can email me.

Top Shooters ted dupay, dan miller, jason mizrahi, donte smith, omar cook, keith bogans, dane fife

May 6, 1998: Zach Marbury younger brother of Starbury has signed with Rhode Island. That makes two out of 5 brothers with mucho talent to make it.

HSBI top 10 NBA Draft predicition 1. Jamison 2. Lafrentz 3. Peirce 4. Bibby 5. Harrington 6. Carter 7. Dirk Normitzki 8. Trayler 9. Young 10. Lopez The NBA draft is not my strong point and I am just doing a quick mock draft

May 5, 1998: "First day we are opened." Dematha High School know leads our peseason super top 10 High school list. Dematha is led by Keith Bogans a top 2 junior by HSBI. This past season Bogans averaged 19.5 PPG in leading the Stags to a 31-1 mark and a no. 5 national ranking bu USA Today. For our complete top 10 lists scroll down.

HSBI's Player of the month (may): Our player of the month with probaly no shock to our readers is 6'9 Wing Forward Al Harrington. Al was recently named player of the year by USA Today. Al led St.Patrick High school of Elizabeth New Jersey to the Jersey state championships and they won it all. Then less than 15 hours later he was participating in the Mcdonalds All-American game. Coach Boyle says " He's the premier skill guy over 6-4 in the country. No body has better skills or heart. He got the ring (team won first state title) to be considerd a great player." Harrington will either head to St.Johns,G-tech, or the NBA. My guess is harrington will announce hime self eligible for the NBA draft may 10 on MSG. I am making that guess since I have learned he is holding a work out at St.patricks for some NBA scouts who predict he could be a lottery pick. If you ask me a I say he should go. Another prediction I have is he will immediately sign a multi million dollar sneaker deal with nike. Since he participated in the nike camp and his high school is sponserd by jumpman.

Top ten seniors in the nation by HSBI 1. Dirk Nowitski 2. Al Harrington 3. Rashard Lewis 4. Stromile Swift 5. Quentin Richardson 6. Ron Curry 7. Korleone Young 8. Jason Capel 9. Mike Miller 10.Troy Murphey 11. Dan Miller tie corey maggette I predict he first 4 players on my list will enter the Nba draft as well as young.

HSBI online top 10 junors 1. Marvin Stone 2. Keith Bogans 3. Dermarr Johnson 4. Kareem Ruch 5. Brett Nelson 6. Josh Moore 7. Joe Forte 8. Carlos Boozer 9. Kyle Bowers 10. Casey Sanders

HSBI super 11 Sophs 1.Omar Cook 2. John Conner I played with both John and Omar at the five-star camp. John Conner and Famous Brown both star for the Laselle Academy in New York City) 3. Marcus Tayler 4. Luke Whithead 5. Walter Price 6. Demetrius Smith 7. Andrew Zahn 8. Chris Hobbs 9. Andre Scott 10. Johnie Story 11. Jason Mizrahi( My page so I can rank my self)

HSBI Fresh Freshmen Famous Brown(played with him at the 5-star camp) Dejuan Wagner Keilon Fortune Chris Thomas Ed Curry

****Tyson Chandler(Saw him on 60 minutes very good episode, Tyson plays for a great dymingoz team in california and will learn a lot from tayshan prince who is headed to kentuky) 7'0 ninth grader sponsorerd by nike he will be the next great

Look for daily changes to this web site. In the next couple of days I will try to promote this site. If you can tell people about it I would really appreciate that. I am sorry for any mis spelling or typo errors sinse I am typing this up quickly tonight. Please email all comments and suggestions to

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