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Her charcoal portraits have become worldwide ambassadors of goodwill for Jamaica. At thirteen she won an art scholarship in Washington, D.C., USA. At age sixteen she won a full scholarship to Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie-Mellon University) and after completing her first two years there she was awarded a "Professional Promise" scholarship. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Design, and did post-graduate ceramics at the University of Houston, Texas. Among her many experiences and achievements in the fine arts are:

-Working as a designer for Art/Designer's Studio in Washing, D.C., where she won top awards for original designs

-Being Creative Art Director for Art & Publicity (now McCann-Erickson) in Jamaica

-Being commissioned by the Jamaican government to illustrate the "Nola" Island Readers series, the first non-European school books for and about Jamaican children

-Having her first "one man" show in Jamaica opened by Edna Manley, the wife of the then prime minister and a noted fine artist herself, in Kingston, the capital, in 1960

-Being commissioned to do various pieces of fine art by leading Jamaican companies and organizations including the Jamaica Tourist Board, Bank of Jamaica, Institute of Jamaica and the British-American Insurance Co.

-Being summoned, during the 1975 Commonwealth Conference in Kingston, Jamaica by President Siaka Stevens of Sierra Leone, Africa, to do his portrait. He was so pleased with her work that he sent her an official invitation to visit Sierra Leone as his guest

Since 1982 she has been studying the effects of colour and sound on the human psyche. She has spoken on this subject to third-year medical students at the University of the West Indies. She also exhibited at the 1987 "Healthy Life Styles and Stress Reduction" conference in Jamaica.

Her studies are summarized in "Colours for HEALTH" kits that supply information and tools for using colours as positive forces in one's life. At the 1991 Oneness Expo in Kingston, she offered an extensive sound and colour room, showing her latest creation: the "Colour Energy Bath". The paintings link with sound from earphones giving a totally personal experience. They emit vibrations of a specific spectrum colour, relevant shapes, natural gemstones and Sanskrit symbols, and appear to shift as the viewer moves. Her new "Light Waves" quick reference booklet is titled "Gemstone and Colour Energies".

She is a founding member and director of J.O.G.A. (Jamaica Organic Growers' Association), Oneness Inc., and Delta Horizon Resources (promoting innovative therapies for harmonized health). Her main focus is on helping empower individuals to take charge of their own physical health, spiritual evolution, and global rejuvenation. In addition, she follows with great interest the efforts to improve environmental conditions both in Jamaica and on Planet Earth.

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