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Freya's Children Webring

Launched on Walpurgisnacht (April 30) 1998

Welcome to the Freya's Children Webring, the first webring devoted exclusively to Asatru, Neo-Pagan, Heathen, and Wiccan animal companions.

Freya, the Shining Lady of the Vanir in Northern European Lore is the goddess of Romantic Love, War, Death, Magic, and of course Animals. She rides a chariot pulled by cats. She is thought to be the most beautiful and strong of the Goddesses of the Asgard. It is in her honor that we raise this webring to celebrate the spirit of Freya's Children.

Whether your pet be a cat, dog, salamander, snake, frog, iguana, bird, or fish, we would love to invite them into the ring. After all, the animals are Freya's Children. Though the sites do not need to be religiously oriented, we do ask that all sites submitted to the ring are animal related in some way. Commercial Sites will not be considered (there is enough advertising on the web already!) though Non-Profit sites will.

The content can range anywhere between a story about your platupus fetch animal, the indicies of turtles in your religious lore, to Sparky, your 62 year old parrot's home page. We simply ask that the page be suitable for all ages and not contain profanity or sexually oriented material. Tell the world about your child of Freya. Have Fun with this and honor Freya's brazen spirit.

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Freya's Children Webring
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