The Warren Family Bible
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The Warren Family Bible

Bible and Quill Pen

Father Ebenezer WARREN 4 Dec 1769
Mother          Anne or Amy ROISE          13 Jul 1777
Child Timothy Leonard WARREN 11 Mar 1799
Child Huldah WARREN 5 May 1801
Child Harriet WARREN 23 Apr 1803
Child Ansel Bailey WARREN 2 Apr 1805
Child Diadamia WARREN 14 Jul 1807
Child Lovira WARREN 19 Jul 1809
Child Financis WARREN 9 Aug 1811
Child Ebenezer Wallace WARREN          7 May 1815
Child Benedict Brooks WARREN 20 Aug 1817
Child Lucius Platt WARREN 7 May 1820
Child Elias Davis WARREN 16 Nov 1823
Child Stephen Barnum WARREN 26 Sep 1826

Welcome to the web page for the family of Ebenezer WARREN and Anne ROISE, ROYCE or RICE. The birth information above was copied in 1933 from the family Bible in Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., Michigan by Emma WARREN. Then about 77-years-old, Emma was living with Basil CORNELL, a relative. Emma was a daughter of Stephen Barnum WARREN and Hannah Maria WALLACE. The location of the Bible is not currently known.

Ebenezer WARREN and Anne ROISE, ROYCE or RICE were married about 1798, place unknown. Anne might have been Ebenezer's second wife, since he was 29 years old when their oldest child was born. Her mother was said to be a WEBSTER, of the Daniel WEBSTER line. Grandchildren of Lucius Platt WARREN claimed that Anne's name was RICE or ROYCE, but nothing has been found so far of her family or Ebenezer's origins.

In 1808, Ebenezer bought land from the Holland Land Company in Sardinia and in 1809 bought land in Aurora, both towns in Erie Co., NY. The family eventually settled in nearby Covington, Genesee Co. (now Wyoming Co.), NY. In 1810, Ebenezer WARREN was associated with the Methodist Church at Pavilion, NY. (Part of Pavilion was formed from Covington, NY). In 1817, Anne WARREN is listed as a member of the Pavilion Methodist Church. The 1880 Federal Census for Machias, Cattaraugus Co., NY shows: Lucius P. Warren, widower, lumberman, age 60, born in NY, his father born in Vermont, and his mother born in Connecticut.

The information below has been gathered from research and family records. It will be amended, added upon and/or corrected as new info is discovered and as I have the necessary time to change it on the website. There is some question about the child Financis WARREN. Diadamia WARREN wrote the name as Phoebe Finances (Frances?) WARREN. Diadamia's name was also spelled Diadama and Diadema.


Timothy Leonard WARREN Eliza BRADLEY Emeline m William LOVEJOY, Charity m Philo HUTTON, Ebenezer, & Joy WARREN, a son, m Laura P. HOWE.
Huldah WARREN                    
Harriet WARREN William TOMPKINS in family notes          
Ansel Bailey WARREN Elizabeth CLOUGH
Doran m Ellen Maria PAYNE, Mary Jane m Isaac VAN HORN, Louisa or Laura, John Lucius, Orpha, Caroline, Charlie, Joseph & Peter WARREN
Diadamia WARREN Jonathan Tenney ADAMS Phebe Ann m Ambrose BEARSS, Seth, Harriet Eliza ADAMS m Lawrence COLBURN.
Note: Diadamia also had these step-children: George, Daniel, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Joseph, & Nathan ADAMS. Diadamia was the third wife of Jonathan ADAMS, who had had seven children with his first two wives. One child died young in Vermont.
Lovira WARREN a REYNOLDS          
Financis or Frances (or Phoebe?) WARREN                    
Ebenezer Wallace WARREN Not married.          
Benedict Brooks WARREN Emeline SHERMAN
m/2 Maryetta _____
George Edward, Stephen Edward, Elvira, Ryland, Percy Amanda m Amos FITCH, & Willie WARREN.
Lucius Platt WARREN Melissa REYNOLDS
m/2 Mrs. Abigail DAVEY
Delano Emerson, Leonard Ebenezer m Pauline WRIGHT, Philena Amelia m James STARKS, Eliza Larissa m Theodore WILLIS, & George Reynolds WARREN m/1 Lydia EASTLAND, m/2 Agnes MURPHY.
Elias Davis WARREN Maria SHERMAN Frances Emily m Rodell M. BALLARD, Ella Jane WARREN m Griffith L. GRIFFITH.
Stephen Barnum WARREN Hannah Maria WALLACE Mary L. m Henry MOYERS, Ellen, Sophia, Emma, Alfridine, Phineas, Henry, Frank, Charley, & Florence WARREN.


Ebenezer WARREN, Father Shelby, Macomb Co., MI
Anne ROISE WARREN, Mother          prob Covington, Genesee Co. (Wyoming Co.), NY
Timothy Leonard WARREN Shelby, Macomb Co., MI
Huldah WARREN          
Harriet WARREN          
Ansel Bailey WARREN Shelby, Macomb Co., MI
Diadamia WARREN Shelby, Oceana Co., MI
Lovira WARREN          
Financis (or Phoebe?) WARREN          
Ebenezer Wallace WARREN NY
Benedict Brooks WARREN Lake, Berrien Co., MI
Lucius Platt (L.P.) WARREN Machias, Cattaraugus Co., NY
Elias Davis WARREN Machias, Cattaraugus Co., NY
Stephen Barnum WARREN Shelby, Macomb Co., MI

Some of Ebenezer and Anne's children settled in Cattaraugus, Genesee & Wyoming Counties, NY. Others moved on to Michigan. After Anne WARREN died about 1836-1840 in or near Covington, New York, per the family story, Ebenezer went to live with their oldest child Timothy in Shelby, Macomb Co., Michigan. I am seeking the birthplace, the parents and siblings of Ebenezer WARREN and Anne ROYCE. I'd love to find some more cousins, too. For more about this family, please visit:

A Civil War Letter & Warren Genealogy.

Some of the Allied Lines in New York and Michigan are:

I have more information on this family.


Part of an old letter has just come to light, stating that there is a connection between
Ebenezer's family and the JOHNSON-WARREN family in Niagara Co., NY who migrated from Addison Co., VT.
The Niagara Co., NY family is further linked to Levi WARREN who was living in Preemption, Mercer Co., IL
in 1850. Please visit this page again for more updates as my research continues!
Some Allied Lines for the Niagara Co., NY branch are:

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Thank you for helping.

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