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Well, guess what.
Angelfire ever so nicely took my site down for some UN-known reason.
As many of you know... I had a VERY family orient/child safe site. Even offered FREE graphics for you to use on your homepages.

I went to get some information off my site for a friend of mine, and it wouldn't load. As in... could not be found. (or so they said). So, I waited a couple of days... went to view my pages to see if it was up.. and it wasn't. So, from there, I went to log in to see if my files were there. It 'did' let me log in... however... ALL of my files are gone!

But not to worrie...
I WILL put another site up soon. Only BETTER. And rest assure... it will NOT be with Angelfire!!!!!

So, please be sure to check back for the NEW link to my new site when I get it finnished.

Dee2 aka. D_Fantasia Designs

Feel free to email me at: