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Have You Seen A Site Worthy Of The HeartLine Award For Excellence?

Here are the qualifiers for this award:


If you have visited a Site you feel fits in any one or more of the
above mentioned qualifying characteristics, recommend them to The Webstress of this site.
Simply fill out the online form and submit! It's that easy! Be patient after submitting though, the HeartLine Award is only given out 4 times per year. There are many many sites recommended and the Judge personally visits and reviews each recommendation.

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It's that easy. Below is a sample of the award, NOT take this without consent of the author. This is an Award to be given, not a graphic to be borrowed. Without being given, the Site Name that it is intended for will not be inscribed on it, nor will it be animated, thus it will be known as a fraudulent award. You will be notified by email if/when The Site you Recommended has been reviewed and awarded, and your name and Comments will be forwarded to the recipient.

Sample Award