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I am proud of my husband, he is an excellent Father, a reliable and loving Husband,
a proud Brother, and a devoted Son. These things all speak for themselves when
you see him with his family. What you don't always see is the intangible;
patriotism, faith, loyalty, and courage. My husband is a United States Marine,
and a very fine one at that. This page is dedicated to my husband the Marine. If
only there were more men out there like my husband...

Michael S. Marine, born 21 March 1962, is the eldest son of Arlene Marine
and Edward Marine. Growing up through a remarkeable childhood, surviving
incredible health crisis', Michael grew to follow in the footsteps of those
men before him.

As his Maternal Grandfather; Stanley Marine, who served in the Merchant Marines,
and as his own Father; Edward, who served in the Army National Guard,
Michael chose a life serving his country in the armed forces. Michael invariably
chose the Marine Corp. After having survived moments in his childhood
where others might have perished, Michael could do no less with that fighting spirit,
than join the toughest, most elite fighting force the world has ever known.

At the age of seventeen, Michael visited his local recruiter who introduced him
to the hard cold facts of serving with such a tough breed. Armed with
that information, he went home to his mother and laid out his plan.
He would need her written permission to join the Marine Corp
at the age of seventeen, before his High School Class even graduated.
Arlene, ever supportive of the inner drive all of her children possess, signed
that paper and Michael was now part of the DEP (Delayed Entry Program)
on 24 March 1979. Michael then finished up his High School requirements early,
and shipped off to boot camp in Parris Island, N.C. on 23 March 1980.

At this point, both Michael and his mother began to fight two battles.
Michael, to overcome, adapt, and assimilate himself into the lifestyle of a
United States Marine while at home, his mother fought to support his wish
to graduate with his High School Class, wearing his Dress Blue Bravos.
This fight went to the levels of local government, receiving National and
Worldwide attention. Through persistence, strength, and guts, Arlene
Marine won her son the right to wear the uniform of the
United States Marine during the High School Graduation ceremony.

Michael graduated boot camp on 18 June 1980, and returned to his
home town to graduate with his class on 21 June 1980. He wore his uniform
and carried his cap and gown, in the manner of Admiral Chester Nimitz, USN,
who had done the same at his college graduation. This caused an outpouring
of support from his community, and from the Nation, although there were still
others who felt it a mark of a Militaristic Nation to allow such a thing to happen in
a civilian ceremony. This negative reaction was marked by the presence of FBI
sharpshooters on the rooftops of both the school, and adjacent buildings during
the ceremony. Michael acquitted himself well and did his mother and his country proud.
He was later recognized for this staunch stand for the Marine Corp, by being awarded
The Navy League Scroll on 22 July 1980. This prestigious award was given for
"Determination and patriotism which reflected glory on the Marine Corp in the
highest standard of these soldiers of the sea."

Michael's first tour of duty included such places as Cherry Point, N.C. for his
schooling in his chosen field (Aviation Electronics), Okinawa, South Korea,
Japan, and Puerto Rico. At the end of his first tour of duty, Michael
left the Marine Corp to start a civilian life, working with electronics once more.
This civilian lifestyle would prove to be rather unsatisfying career wise, (During that time,
he had married and been there for the birth of his first child), so Michael re-enlisted on
08 July, 1994. He once again did not go quietly about his career in the military, having
been sworn back in by a "Full Bird" Colonel, one Colonel Priestly at
1st Marine Corp  District. He started back out, as a reservist in the 6th Comm. Battalion,
where he was rapidly promoted to Sgt. Soon after, Michael joined the EAD
(Enlisted Active Duty) program, and went to work as a recruiter followed by a switch
to 1st Marine Corp. District where he was then promoted to SSgt. and still works as
Asst. QA Chief.

Michael is the epitome of a Marine. Sharp and ever watchful of his effect on other's
and the reputation of the Corp, Michael has been an inspiration for many young
men and women. He will continue to serve his country in the Marine Corp until
the time comes that he is required to retire. He raises his children with the same love
and respect for family and country that he has, and it would be his pride and mine,
if any of the children in our family were to follow their Father's fine example,
and carry on the family tradition of service.

Semper Fi Honey!
I love you.