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The Christain Missionary Menace

Christian organizations and missionaries have launched an intense proselytizing campaign in Muslim countries. The poverty, misery and starvation of the impoverished Muslims are being exploited by these missionaries to proselytize them. Welfare measures, developmental, health and educational programs form the backbone of their massive campaign. Relief aid is being organized with the explicit purpose of converting the indigent Muslims to Christianity. Systematic religious propaganda and indoctrination are being carried out on an unprecedented scale. They have achieved immense successes in this field. "Then Trojan Horse" which has entered the Muslim lands is posing a great threat to their Imaan and Islam. They are in full swing in countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia where they expect to convert half the population to their faith by the year 2000.

Indigent Muslims driven by poverty and misery grovel at the feet of the kuffar for relief and succor at the cost of their Imaan. Cross stupidity and crass ignorance have caused them to barter their Emaan for some miserable gains of the Dunya. The kuffaar await such conditions to arise among the impoverished Muslims to rush relief aids with the underlying motive of evangelization. This vicious Octopus of Kufr has extended its deadly tentacles to a network of outlying villages in Muslim countries to mislead unwary and uninformed Muslims and entrap them in the web of dark kufr. It is said that in Bangladesh alone they are operating in over 800 villages. Asaf Hussain writes about the predicament in Bangladesh: "the ultimate objective of the numerous mission organizations and agencies operating there is the evangelization of the people of Bangladesh .... As such economic development was not an end in itself to benefit the people, but a means for proselytizing them. Missionaries were therefore, very articulate about their developmental schemes but very reticent about evangelization of the people. Particularly, in the case of Muslims any such statistics of evangelization of Muslims was not published." (BIRTH OF BANGLADESH THE POLITICAL ROLE OF MISSIONS)

In the present times, the Emaan of the Muslims have reached a low ebb. It is like a shaking reed. It is further emaciated by crass ignorance and abject poverty. It has provided a fertile ground for religious rivals to sow the seeds of apostasy among the impoverished and unwary Muslims. Ignorant Muslims consider these crusading religious bodies as great benefactors of humanity. They are prepared to even abandon their faith for the contemptible gains of the Dunya. Hence, in these countries the number who has embraced Christianity amounts to legion. The old myth that the Muslims are staunch believers and cannot be converted to any other religion holds no water. Modern missionaries with their vast resources and foreign aid have exploded this myth. They are scoring great successes in this field. Asaf Hussain writes: "Christian Missions are approaching Muslim populations in a very systematic and well organized manner. They lack neither finds nor organization nor expertise. The Muslim countries, on the other hand, have done nothing to counteract this. On the contrary, they are confident that Muslims cannot be converted and in some cases actively extend help to accomplish the mission work. This is only a self-delusion and in the long run it will turn out that Muslims are increasingly becoming Christians." (Birth of Bangladesh: The Political Role of Missions)

In Indonesia too much missionary work is going apace. The question how Muslims in Indonesia come to turn away from Islam and end up as Christians is a moot point. The missions have their own strategies in promoting evangelization. Ahmad Von Denffer writes: "In Indonesia today the preaching of the gospel goes along with the rendering of highly appreciated service to society through schools, universities, hospitals and orphanages. Church people tell missionaries that quick results should not be expected. Rather the seeds are to be sown now, while harvesting comes after the process of "de- Islamization' (which expresses itself in promoting secular and Western thought) has gone far enough... the effort to create the impression that Muslims in Indonesia are not really Muslims after all, is part of the main strategy that Christians now employ when doing mission among Muslims. Their motto is "After care, comes the evangelism." Their official indoctrination program has been epitomized in the following words? "The theory was indoctrination,. but the practice was care and evangelism" (INDONESIA? How Muslims are Made Christians)

Christian evangelization programs embrace the whole World. They specifically target Muslims. Mali for example which is a Muslim-majority country is said to be a fertile ground for missionaries. Ahmad Abu Sulaiman writes: "Mali is one of the poorest countries on this earth. Almost all the population is engaged in insufficient subsistence economy, and is illiterate and ignorant of even the basic teachings of Islam... Today, widespread poverty and ignorance provide the two most important inlets for the missionaries, providing ample scope for the medical, social, educational and other activities that prepare the way for proselytization, which is the ultimate goal."(CHRISTIANITY AND MISSION IN MALI)

Alhaj A D Ajijola narrating his Nigerian experience, attributes the origin of Western education in Nigeria to Christian missionaries who followed a ruthless policy of proselytism. He writes: "The Muslims, until lately, did not become involved in educational development early enough in Nigeria but, Christian Missionaries who came from secular states of Europe with public funds, introduced education on the Western pattern which soon spread all over the country. Admission to these Christian schools was conditioned on accepting Christianity. Thus, the Christian missionaries used educational institutions to force the Muslim youth to follow their faith." (Introduction, THE MYTH OF THE CROSS)

Tanzania another Muslim majority country too had the above experience. Muhammad Samiullah in his "PLIGHT OF MUSLIMS IN AFRICA AND ASIA" states: "Modern education was first provided by the Mission Societies who came to Tanzania (then Taganyika). Both the Roman Catholics and Protestants established primary schools, secondary schools and agricultural colleges. It was then necessary for all who wanted to get education in these schools to become Christians. Therefore, many Muslims adopted Christianity to get education. Even those Muslims who remained Muslims in these schools had to go to the church and study the Bible and be examined on it. Thus, because of being in contact with the Christian way of life for a long time, many Muslims did not come back to Islam after completing their studies. Others who came to Islam remained half Muslims and half Christians.In Malawi out of the 5000 odd villages only a few have madrasahs. Over 95% Muslims are ignorant. The Christian missionaries are working very hard in the area and the Muslims, therefore, need to organize themselves on sound footings to meet the challenge. Poverty and ignorance of Islam has enabled the missionaries to convert many Muslim villagers to Christianity.

Sierra Leone which has a Muslim majority also faces the Christian missionary onslaught. They are operating through the educational system. Christian missions run the great majority of Primary schools. Samiullali writes: "Christian Missions desire Muslim children to become Christians. This problem is not duly tackled in all humanity and sincerity our younger generation would be led astray and become converted to Christianity throughout the whole country. The whole of the African continent is infested with missionaries aiming to convert Muslims. The Tabligh Jamaat can perform a yeoman service by propagating Islam among the masses and establishing Madrasahs to educate the ignorant children along the religious lines and also repeatedly warning them about the perils of this black serpent of kufr which has surrounded them which is seeking for opportunities to send them to perdition by misleading and misguiding them to worship stones and images and uphold myths and fallacies of Roman pagans and Greek philosophers; to believe in a tampered and interpolated version of the divinely rejected Gospel which is bristling with errors, additions and forgeries concocted by copyists and priests and mutilated by Pauline creed of Trinity, Atonement and Crucifixion which were canonized as the true word of God in the Council of Nicea in 325 CE consigning to the flames the numerous genuine Gospels to the Litter dismay of the world, opening the way to infernal and eternal doom.

Mission work in India, in the past, was sullied by a spate of violence and inhuman crimes. With the collapse of the Mughal Empire, the British became the virtual rulers of India which paved the way for a great multitude of missionaries and ancillary workers to stalk the land in a crusading campaign to propagate Christianity. Like in Bangladesh, they aimed at converting the whole of India to Christianity. They left no stone unturned in their efforts to proselytize Muslims but they failed miserably in their efforts because of the unshakable Emaan of the early Muslims. The enemies used threat and intimidation to force Christianity on an unwilling public but to no avail. They resorted to such brutal measures as massacring the Ulema, general killing of civilians, exiling religious scholars, closing down religious schools and eliminating the Sharia. All these Draconian measures did not produce the desired results. Their failure created frustration and an inferiority complex in them which culminated in a campaign of vilification of Islam by word and thought.

Some of the tactics these nefarious elements employ are fraudulent, deceptive and repulsive. Hospitals run by missionaries coerce their Muslim patients to take in the medicine ordered to them in the name of Jesus. But Allah Taala is the Curer of disease. There are other instances where asked to worship the image of Mary or Jesus before qualifying for free medical treatment and hospitalization. Performing this action is tantamount to idolatry which expels one from the fold of Islam. As Western medicine is full of side effects, the benefit derived is practically nil or negligible. The belief that their medicine cures is a baseless conviction. The distribution of pictures of Jesus or Mary form part of their charitable work in order to create an impression that these gods of theirs are the real helpers and therefore, deserve to be loved and deified. The distribution of free meals under relief aid, may contain haraam ingredients that is detrimental to Imaan. Such meals may include even pork-based products.

Missionaries and their cohorts have large sums of ill-gotten wealth at their disposal. They single out gullible women for financial aid. These are not doled out to them on humanitarian grounds or for any altruistic motives but with the sole aim of evangelization. To ensure that these recipients do not play a deceptive role, some part of their body is stamped with a kufr emblem which deprives them of their lmaan and forebodes an evil end. This is evidenced in Bangladesh. Further, the frantic struggle among the Muslim parents to admit their children to Catholic schools for the sake of prestige and good education has proved to be a great disaster. Children who come under demoralizing and dehumanizing influences in these institutions of atheism and immorality soon learn to question the accepted beliefs of Islam and throw overboard its time honored injunctions and practices. Eventually, their lmaan and Aakirah are being jeopardized. The eyes of the parents have turned blind that the road leading to Jannah is not visible. The results of the missionary efforts of the kuffaar are stunning and staggering. A considerable number of Muslims have been converted to their deviant faith.

The bulk of the Muslim preachers should make concerted efforts to stem the tide of mass conversions taking place in the third world Muslim countries. They have to put their heart and soul into the affair with absolute sincerity and dedication to halt to the missionary menace. Public platforms should be used for this purpose along with the launching of an extensive literary propaganda to enlighten the ignorant and weak Muslim masses depicting the splendor of Islam and the perils of apostasization and the divine retribution awaiting them in the Aakhirah But they are oblivious to this state of affairs The Ulama are the vanguard of Islam. They should urge the apostates to return to the fold of Islam after due repentance. But why have they adopted a lackadaisical attitude towards the spread of kufr which is eating the very vitals of the society. Why are they conniving at this burgeoning evil? Can they expect to receive Allah Ta'ala's blessing and mercy by adopting such a nonchalant attitude? Definitely not! They must instead be prepared to receive divine punishment.

No wonder these countries where apostasy is rife are degenerating day by day. Their misery is multiplying. There are disasters like drought, disease, famine, starvation, floods and cyclones that are playing havoc on them. This is the dismal result of begging help from the enemies of Allah Azza Wa Jal and bartering one's faith for the transient pleasures of Dunya. It was an age old dream of missionanes to cause the Muslim community to deviate and apostatize from Islam. They employed various vile stratagems to achieve this end History bears ample testimony to their oppressive, repressive and deceptive methods of proselytization. Lets have a glimpse at the chronicles of the ecclesiastical history for a wider understanding.

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