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Debate Continued


I appreciate your attempt to get me to see things YOUR WAY. What is it that makes you think that you or "Tafseer-E-Usmani" or anyone else is more qualified to INTERPRET THE WORD OF ALLAH, for the Black man in America, than Messenger, whom Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, raised up for us? Whether you like it or not, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, was Allah's Messenger to the Black man and woman in America, not Prophet Muhammad, of 1,400 years ago. And regardless to yours or Tafseer's OPINION of what Allah meant, the fact remains, that the very words of the Holy Qur'an, especially Chapter 32, verse 3, which reads, "Or do they say: He has forged it? Nay, it is the Truth from thy Lord that thou mayest warn a people to whom no warner has come before thee that they may walk aright", do not refer to Prophet Muhammad of 1,400 years ago.

Many of the commentators of the Holy Qur'an, including Tafseer, claim that Prophet Muhammad of 1,400 years ago was the first prophet that Mecca had ever seen and that he was raised among the descendants of Ishmael. How do the scholars and writers of Islam say such when, if they make Muhammad a descendant of Ishmael they are condemning their own sayings that he was the first prophet of Mecca, when both Abraham and Ismael were prophets according to the Holy Qur'an. Even the Bible and all religious people recognize Abraham as being a prophet. Therefore, Muhammad could not have been the first prophet, because the very significance of the signs that Abraham and Ishmael built in Mecca tells us much about the type of warner and people that would be raised up in the last days.

The very words, "to whom no warner has come before," could not mean the people of Mecca. The last warner and the last people to whom Divine Warners and the truth have never come to are the same people that the Bible and Holy Qur'an refer to as being blind, deaf, dumb and (mentally) dead, who must be resurrected before there can be a judgment of the wicked.

No people answer this description better than the Black man and woman in America. And there is no country that better represents that description of where no Warner has been sent than America. As far back as history takes us in reference to America, we find no prophet of Allah preaching Islam or warning the people in the Western Hemisphere of a coming judgment and to submit to the will of Allah that they may be saved from the destruction of that day. It is America.

The prayer of Abraham does not refer to the raising up of a prophet in Arabia, but of one raised up from among that particular seed or people of his, who must be searched for, located and found, in a land that is not their own. You said, "You cannot assuredly state that only blacks belonging to the Nation of Islam are the true Muslims." What is it that made you say that? I never said that! And Messenger Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him) never taught that! It seems that you are the one who is taking things "out of context and manipulating them to your corrupted ideals".

Messenger Elijah Muhammad taught us that "A Muslim is one who submits his or her will to do the Will of Allah". Messenger Elijah Muhammad also taught us that there are some white people who are Muslim by faith. You are right, Malcolm's deviation from the teachings of Messenger Elijah Muhammad, was "a stepping stone to the true path" TO HELL. In my conclusion, you can believe like you want to believe. I believe what Messenger Elijah Muhammad taught. Let Allah be the judge between us. Allah is the Best Knower.


Salaam Sir all i can say is "Tsk Tsk Tsk" It is not that i am showing you "my way" rather i am showing you the way that is more corrrect than the corrupt way you follow. My usage of this specific tafseer or any other Tafseer is more valid than any other resource you yourself have used in trying to prove your ridiculous and outlandish points. There is a whole methodolgy in translating and commentating on the Quran, using valid and authenticated resources(authenticated hadeeths), having pure intentions without evil intentions as well as having great knowledge of the classical arabic language in which the Quran was revealed in. These same qualifications were followed by scholars throughout the areas in which Islamic rule was prevalent from Spain, Africa to even the furthest reaches of China. So Based on this, this particular scholar's Tafseer I used is as much valid as the other Valid tafseers that qualify it and its more than what you people try to intrepret without such qualifications. And if you want, i'll give you the scholar's qualifications for the tafseer I used.

Or do they say: He has forged it? Nay! it is the truth from your Lord that you may warn a people to whom no warner has come before you, that they may follow the right direction. Second of all, your misintrepretation of 32:3 is wrong which shows you like to "rush" and "accuse" things or rather "jump the gun". If we look closely, and read with in conjunction with other ayaats and and authenticated sources, we see that this verse refers to how the people accused the Prophet(pbuh) of forging the Quran and that its his own work. This verse disproves this claim of the unbeleivers and interms of Nay! it is the truth from your Lord that you may warn a people to whom no warner has come before you, that they may follow the right direction. That refers to Muhammed(pbuh).

Perhaps if you read this verse in conjunction with Sura Ibrahim and other conjucted ayaats that all relate to it, you can actually know that it refers to Muhammad(pbuh). It does because when the Quran states warn a people to whom no warner has come before you, it refers to the time period between Abraham(pbuh)&Ishmael(pbuh) and Muhammed(pbuh); and it doesnt even refer to Muhammed being the first prophet as you to have intrepretted. Muhammed is the warner that the Quran speaks of after all, he is the warner of after a 2000+yr gap and thats why he is called that; since during Abraham and Ismael's time they established the kaa'ba at Makkah and his progency Muhammed then began to warn people to return back to the Millat of Abraham. Also during between that time period, there was no prophets sent to Makkah until Muhammed was raised from Ishmael progency which fulfills the prophecy & prayers of Abraham(pbuh) which he asks that a progeny of Ishmael(pbuh) come later to re-teach the Millat he preached in which he laid down. nd that is Muhammed(pbuh).

And you say how the scholars are wrong, but i think again you have used your convulted ideas get the better of you. Since not only you mistranslated these verses to your own "explantion" without obvious qualifications, you begin to accuse and attack these scholars of their so-called "errors" you claim. Obviously my dear brother if there was any so-called "errors" or such, I am sure the scholars and ulemas wouldve picked it up and not for people without such qualifications like you to pick up on it. Those scholars of before such as Ibn Tammiya, ibn Katheer, Ghazali, Hanifi, Maliki and countless others have mastered arabic lexicology, hadeeths, Islamic Fiqh, Quran, classical arabic and the such to know much more in what the Quran says and to make commentaries and translations which fall under the correct procedure. So therefore instead of reading what the NOI tell you to, try reading and actually learnin the entire process instead of taking certain verses and mixing them up with your groups' ideals.

You also state that God would not send down a revalation to a wicked and ignorant people and that they must be held " who must be resurrected before there can be a judgment of the wicked". Well that just is contradictory. Many prophets in the countless ages were sent down to guide mankind back to the true path since that is the job of the prophets. As for the "wicked people" The Quran repeatedly states many examples of how Allah showers water upon a dead and barren Earth and then gives forth life and this example is also used and refered to people with barren hearts and souls and then Allah sends down guidance which then revitalizes them and bring forth life. This shows the mercy of Allah and how He can guide whom He Pleases: And if Allah please He would certainly make you a single nation, but He causes to err whom He pleases and guides whom He pleases; and most certainly you will be questioned as to what you did. And again you still claim that Elijah Poole is some grand ol' Last Messenger of yours with your group's misintrepretations. Like i said before this nonsense sounds all too much similiar with the Ahmadiyyats/Qadianis who also use the same claim as you do with their mistreprations except they call him Ghulham Ahmed. Another nonsense group like yours is the Bahai's who use their own same excuse like yours and their leader is Babullah. Or perhaps the Ansurallah Cult that beleives some guy called Isa is their Last Messenger. So face it, your group is just following the same ignorant path as previous groups have tried to do so and perhaps its all for the concept of "Power" just as Ghulham Ahmed did it, Babullah did it and as well as Elijah Poole. Well what can one expect anyway? Ingorance spreads more ignorance and apprently its there and these groups siezed upon it.

And as for Brother Al-hajj malik Al-Shabaaz, its really sad to see you disrepect a brother like that, even though I am not black, I feel for him because he is a true Muslim brother that rose out of ignorance and wanted to make change. Allah guided Malcolm towards the true path of Islam, a path not of Black Nationalism but of enlightenment. Maybe you should try taking that path, learn and see it on your own and not what your group tells you to tell people like me when they try to show you the errors of your ways. As for Allah judging, I am sure Allah knows who is rite in this arguement and who argued with the better of the knowledge. Jazakhairullah


No "resource" you can present is more valid than the Message delivered to us (the Black man and woman in America) from Allah's Last and Greatest Messenger, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him).

I agree with your statement, "I am sure Allah knows who is rite in this arguement and who argued with the better of the knowledge."


Salaam, You know brother, I am really tired of this endless rhetoric in which we all know the truth. WE all know your ways and ideals greatly misintrepret Islam as well as corrupted by your own "brand of knowledge". But the thing is I dont fret as much since I know as well as all your former members know of your organization's great falsehood.

I have proved upon proved your so-called "aquistions" or such and yet you still remain the same, so be it then. This verse perhaps explains your group as well as other such similiar deviant groups: Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing and there is a covering over their eyes, and there is a great punishment for them.

And there are some people who say: We believe in Allah and the last day; and they are not at all believers.

They desire to deceive Allah and those who believe, and they deceive only themselves and they do not perceive.

There is a disease in their hearts, so Allah added to their disease and they shall have a painful chastisement because they And when it is said to them, Do not make mischief in the land, they say: We are but peace-makers.

Now surely they themselves are the mischief makers, but they do not perceive.

And when it is said to them: Believe as the people believe they say: Shall we believe as the fools believe? Now surely they themselves are the fools, but they do not know.

And when they meet those who believe, they say: We believe; and when they are alone with their Shaitans, they say: Surely we are with you, we were only mocking.

Allah shall pay them back their mockery, and He leaves them alone in their inordinacy, blindly wandering on.

Allah shall pay them back their mockery, and He leaves them alone in their inordinacy, blindly wandering on.

These are they who buy error for the right direction, so their bargain shall bring no gain, nor are they the followers of the right direction.

Their parable is like the parable of one who kindled a fire but when it had illumined all around him, Allah took away their light, and left them in utter darknessthey do not see.

Deaf, dumb (and) blind, so they will not turn back




As-Salaam-Alaikum. If you are "really tired" as you say, why do you continue writing to me with the same dispute. I hope and pray to Allah that you spoke the truth when you said "so be it then." If you are a Believer in Allah, why do you not trust in Him enough to judge between us. I am a Believer in and Follower of Messenger Elijah Muhammad's Teachings and Programs.

Since you are not a Believer in such, then I leave you to serve your God in peace. I do not desire go back and forth with you, in a dispute concerning the differences in our belief . If it was your sincere desire to make me aware of something that you thought that I was not aware of, then I sincerely thank you for your concern. I am well aware of your "brand" of Islam. I don't accept "your brand" of Islam. I accept the Teachings of Allah's Last and Greatest Messenger to The Black man and woman in America, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him).

I will leave you with this thought. Chapter 22, verses 67 through 69: "To every nation We appointed acts of devotion, which they observe, so let them not dispute with thee in the matter, and call to thy Lord. Surely thou art on a right guidance."

"And if they contend with thee, say: Allah best knows what you do." "Allah will judge between you on the day of Resurrection respecting that in which you differ."

Thank you.


Salaam Not tired, but rather faced with the hard truth that whenever I try to correct you, you dodge it as a result of ur ignorance. Thereby fulfilling this ayaat: Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing and there is a covering over their eyes, and there is a great punishment for them. (2:7)

Sorry to say but this applies to you indefinetly can go on with your thinking and following your "special" leader whom you like to call your last mesenger. Sure you can go on and let your leader decide and translate and tell you what to do in beleiveing that despite contradicting TRUE Islam and totally goes against it. True Islam has no racial barriers and no specific people "race" of people to receive Allah's Mercy.

As for this verse:

To every nation We appointed acts of devotion which they observe, therefore they should not dispute with you about the matter and call to your Lord; most surely you are on a right way. And if they contend with you, say: Allah best knows what you do.(2:67-68)

Apparently this doesnt apply to me since this refers to prophets of before and their messages were much similiar in worshipping the All power, All mighty. And that those people who try to dispute with the true beleiver should not try to dispute with them because the true beleiver is following the proper path and And if they contend with you, say: Allah best knows what you do.

Therefore again you have mistranslated a ayaat based upon your so-called "leader's" guidance and not with the accordance of the actual context and conjunction. So I ask you again, read the Quran according to the way it is and not based on your leader's "guidance" that way you'll realize true islam


After this response, he blocked my E-Mail and stopped responding

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