Joseph A. Burgos, Jr.

  • BORN
May 6, 1945.
Haaren High School, 1961-64 (Aviation Course/Academic Studies); New York City Community College-1975, (Liberal Arts & Science); Pratt Institute-1989 (Foundation Arts).
Poet/Artist/Video Recordings and Production/Songwriter and Lyricist/Inventor.
Haaren High School (Projectionist), Bureau of Audio-Visual Instruction 1961-64; Haaren High School (CAP Cadet Program), Civil Air Patrol Cadet 1961-63; Cadet Burgos: Flew/ Piper-Cub Trainer-Dual Control Cockpit 1962; Aerial Phenomena Research Organization, Inc., May 22, 1974 U.F.O. Field Investigation; Rosicrucian Order, The Ancient, Mystical Order Rosae Crusis (AMORC).
Freelance photography/drawing and painting; Sky Sailors Soaring Club.
Songwriter's Review Magazine, New York, (1973-75); Contemporary Literature Press, Cornucopia, 1981; Author/Poet Magazine, 1982; New Words Literary Magazine, 1983; New Worlds Unlimited, Journey of the Poet/Prophet (1983), Voices of the Majestic Sage (1984); Ursus Press, New Poets/Three (1984); Fine Arts Press, The American Muse (1984); Green Valley Publishng, Songs for all Seasons (1985); American Poetry Association, The Art of Poetry (195); Yes Press, Voices in Poetics (1985), Award: Certificate of Merit-For Outstanding Poetic Achievement; Hieroglyphics Press, From the Heart of a Poet (1986); Suwanee Poetry, Reflections (1986); Cambridge Collection, American Poetics (1987); Sparrowgrass Poetry Forumn, Inc., Poetic Voices of America (1988); Treasured Poems of America [Fall 1994] (1994); The National Library of Poetry, On the Threshold of a Dream 1988 (1988); American Press, New American Poets (1988); Iliad Press, Images (1990), Perceptions (1994), Award: Certificate of Honorable Mention, "An Inventor's Memo"; Creative Arts & Science Enterprises, Visions and Beyond, Award: Accomplishment of Merit, "A Poetic Insight, " (1992); Logan Publications, A Composition in Verse, (1993-94); Poets' Guild, Perspective (1994); The National Poetry Association, And Time Stood Still (1994), Editor's Choice Selection 1994; The Amherst Society, The American Poetry Annual 1994 (1994) Iliad Press, Celebrating Excellence (1995), 1995 President's Award For Literary Excellence; World Art Publishing, Endless Harmony (1996); The Poetry Guild, Gallery of Artistry (1997); Creative Arts & Science Enterprises, The Golden Wings of Time (1997); American Poetry Awards, Dream Quest (1998), Award: Certificate of Achievement for Literary and Artistic Excellence in Poetry March 16, 1998; The Poetry Guild, A Celebration of Poets (1998);
Model Toy Flying Saucer (1971) VAu 259 108 (May 3, 1993); Model U.S. Space Station (1991) VAu 214 542 (Oct. 3, 1991); Model U.S. Space Station (1991) PAu 1-797-164 (Sept. 26, 1993); 8 ft Robot (1991) Video: PAu 1-743-289 (April 22, 1993);
Gale Research Company, Contemporary Authors Vol. 106 (1982); Contemporary Graphic Artist Vol.3 (1988); The American Biographical Institute, The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership (1985); Personalities of America [Fourth Edition], (1987; International Book of Honor (1987); International Biographical Centre, Men of Achievement (1986); Biography International, Biography International, (1987); World of Poetry, Who's Who in Poetry, Vol.II, First Edition (1988)

Burgos is better noted for his poetry, but he is also a painter of talent. The artist created a black/white poster on drug prevention that was displayed in drug prevention offices and Board of Education throughout the United States. Burgos has a beautiful daughter by the name "Linda Denise Burgos" also a Poet/Songwriter & Singer/Fashion Model & Designer. God bless my mother Leonidas Burgos who instilled the creative spark in me. I have carried the burning torch of wisdom in her name...from childhood to the present (Leonidas Burgos 1925-1997).My father Jose Federico Burgos is the brother of the distinguish poet Julia de Burgos. He is the author of two volumes of poetry "Peligrinar es Amar y Llegando al Puerto" and working on his third book.

Bloomingdale Libaray/150 West 100th St./ New York, NY (Antonio Garcia Copado) (Julia de Burgos: Su Vida y su Obra Poética) May 6, 1978 2:30 PM ..."Portrait drawing of Julia de Burgos".... 12x17 sculpturally drawn (B&W).

Templo Literario de Escritores y Poetas Unidos (TLEPU) El Centro Literario Hispanoamericano Anacaona (Paul Rojas, Director) 179 Dyckman Street/New York, NY (La Poesía en el Mundo Clásico) ..."Disfrute por la concurrencia de la exposición de cuadros del pintor Joseph A. Burgos, Jr.... September 1, 1984 3:00 PM

Museum of the City of New York New York, NY 10029 Association for Puerto Rican-Hispanic Culture Inc. (Peter Bloch, President) Presents a Carmen D. Lucca en "Una tarde de poesía y canción" ..."y una exposición de arte: Art exhibit: Efraín Martínez y Joseph A. Burgos, Jr. ...June 23, 1985 2:30 PM

Brooklyn Public Library/Brooklyn Heights Branch/280 Cadman Plaza West/Brooklyn New York 11201 (Joanna M. Spiess, B.L.) ...Sculptures and watercolor portraits of historical figures/Locked in glass display cabinets....April-May 1986

Oller/Campeche Gallery/Cultural Affairs Program/Office of the commonwealth of Puerto Rico/304 Park Avenue South at 23rd Street/New York, NY 10010 (Carmen Ortiz, Funcionario del Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico) ...Pencil drawings/Portrait drawings/ Portraits sculpturally drawn/Color paintings/Abstract paintings/Water color and oil paintings/Construction paper & water color.... 8 de abril de 1987

Boricua College/590 Driggs Avenue/ Brooklyn, New York 11211 (Victor J. Asencio, Educational Facilitator) ...Exhibition date: February 16, 1998 Artist, Joseph A. Burgos, Jr.

La Casa de la Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña/The Puerto Rican Cultural Heritage House/1 East 104th street, Suite 458/New York, NY 10029 (Acto de Recordación a la memoria de la poeta Julia de Burgos/ A Celebration in Remembrance of poet Julia de Burgos) ...Art presentation: Portrait sculturally drawn of Julia de Burgos (24'x36' B&W) by artist Joseph A. Burgos, Jr. February 21, 1988 3:00 PM

Asociación Pro Cultura Hispana-Puertorriqueña/Association for Pro Puerto Rican Hispanic Culture, Inc./Canales magazine/ 215 West 92nd Street, Suite 8-E/ New York, NY (Peter Bloch, President) (Julia de Burgos and family of poets) ...Art presentation:Portrait sculpturally drawn of Julia de Burgos (24'x36' B&W) By artist/Nephew: Joseph A. Burgos, Jr. March 21, 1988

The City of New York/The President Council/City Hall/New York, NY 10007 (Andrew Stein, Council President) "Puerto Rican Art Recognition Day" ...Public exhibit in the Rotunda & Presentation of Awards.... Joseph A. Burgos, Jr. / Felix Cordero Otilio Diaz / Marcos Dimas / Pebekah Garcia / Victor Manuel Linares / Alicia Maury / Nestor Otero / Julian Rivera / Fernando Salicrup. November 28, 1988 12:00 Noon

Café-Teatro Julia de Burgos 23 East 115th Street 2nd floor New York, NY 10029 (Concierto "Con Dulzura y Sentimiento" Gloria Mirabal / Superstar Concert) ...Art exhibition of Joseph A. Burgos, Jr. Charcol drawings .... May 27, 1989

La Casa de la Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña / 1 East 104th Street/ New York, NY 10029 Otilio Diaz, Director Conferencia sobre Eugenio Maria de Hostos. ... Art exhibition of Joseph A. Burgos, Jr. Acrylic paintings: Cristobal Colon 24"x36"/Eugenio Maria de Hostos 24"x36"/Julia de Burgos (24"x36") [All sculpturally drawn with symbolic background] November 20, 1989 4:30 PM

Comité de Afirmación Puertorriqueña P.O. Box A840 / New York, NY 10163 (Natalicio de Julia de Burgos "yo misma fui mi ruta" ... Joseph A. Burgos, Jr. (sobrino de Julia de Burgos) Exhibirá sus pinturas Fecha: miércoles, 17 de febrero de 1993 Lugar: Casa de las Américas 104 W. 14th Street New York City, NY Hora: 7:00 PM

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