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DIRCK VOLKERTSE is referred to by various names in official documents such as Dirck Holgerson Norman, Dirck Volkerson the Norman, and Dirck DeNoorman. He was born about 1595-1600 and arrived in America between 1625-1630; he died about 1678-1680. He was a carpenter. Dirck married CHRISTINE VIGNE about 1630-31; she was born about 1612; died 1663; daughter of Guillaume Vigne and Adrienne Cuvielle/Cuvelier.

There are deeds recorded showing that Dirck owned properties on what is now Wall Street in New York City. "In 1638 Dirck leased a bouwery and stock from the colony's Governor, Willem Kieft, "on halves." Dirck's first farm was northeast of the city wall that later became Wall Street. In the same year 1638 the Indians deeded Brooklyn to the Dutch, and Dirck received a grant of land: 400 acres, with a mile-long frontage on the East River and had nearly equal frontage on the two tidal streams or kills that bounded his land, Norman Kill and Mespath Kill. Norman Kill later became Bushwick Creek, and was eventually filled in and the land used to create McCarren Park and industrial properties. Among the grant recipients, or patentees, only Dirck and Peter De Swede improved their properties, although they sustained damage in the Indian uprisings of 1643 and 1655. Dirck began a stone farm house about 1645, along the East River and facing Norman's Kill where he sheltered his boats. He moved to the property from Manhattan after the Indian uprising of 1655 had subsided. The house remained occupied for 200 years. In the 1850's the stone house was demolished, and the knoll believed to contain the family burial plots was leveled to provide sand for construction in Manhattan."

Dirck is found in court records for various offenses. In 1648 he was accused of stealing a rope which he claimed he had bought in good faith and was not held accountable. In 1656 Dirck De Noorman was sued by Jan De Perie, who claimed Dirck attacked him and "chased him from the Strand to the Clapboards." He wanted payment of surgeon's fees and loss of time. The quarrel began during a dice game and ended with both drawing their knives. Dirck, by then the city carpenter, was ordered to pay a fine for wounding De Perie.

From Holland Society publication: In 1638, a Declaration of Maurits Jansen and Pieter de Mey says: "that the wife of Dirck Holgerson, Noorman, being at the house of Jan Damen (Christina Vigne was step-daughter of Jan Damen) and said Jan Damen telling her that she must go out of the house, she refused and did not intend to leave the house, whereupon Jan Damen aforesaid pushed said Dirck Holgerson's wife out of the house, as she would not depart by fair words. Dirck Holgersen thereupon coming to defend his wife, Jan Damen, drawing a knife, made a cut at said Dirck Holgersen, who took up a post and struck Jan Damen with it." Another account states: "First, Jan Damen dunning Dirck Volckertsen for payment of fl.30, Dirck answered that he did not owe him anything. Jan Damen thereupon replied: 'Begone out of the house!' and forthwith threw Christine, Dirck's wife, out of doors and struck her. Furthermore, drawing a knife, he cut and thrust at said wife as appears from the skirt which she then had on. Further, Dirck Holgersen, seeking to defend his wife, threw a pewter can at Jan Damen, but missed him, whereupon Jan Damen made for him with a naked knife in his hand, cutting and thrusting at him and, as the said Dirck sought to defend his life, Dirck took up a post to keep Jan Damen off. As Dirck Holgerts was going toward the fort or elsewhere, Jan Damen again beat Dirck's wife with his fists and tore the cap off her head and challenged Dirck, saying 'If you have the courage, draw your knife.' But Dirck, being sober, would not do so and only defended himself with the post.



1. Grietje/Margaret born about 1633; died 1 Apr 1671 Brooklyn NY; married (1) 26 Dec 1649 Jan Hermansen Schutt who died 1652; married 27 Sep 1652 Jan Nagel from Limberg; married (3) 11 May 1658 Barent Gerritzen.

2. Christine born about 1635; died June 1697; married (1) Jacob Haie by 1653; married (2) 15 Mar 1684 Peter Praa Van Landt; married (3) (unknown).

3. Magdalene born about 1636 Brooklyn NY; died 17 Jan 1725/6 Kingston NY; married 24 Oct 1652 (1) Cornelius Hendrickson Van Dort also known as Cornelius Caper (referring to his trade as a privateer), who was killed by Indians in 1655; married (2) 1657 Herman (Hendricksen) Rosenkranz born about 1612 Bergen, Norway. They were accused of selling liquor to the Indians, and she was nicknamed "The Flying Angel." Banished from the colony for a time, they amassed some property and wealth in the Kingston area, in addition to a reputation for not respecting authority.

4. Possibly Dirck born about 1635 NY.

5. Sara born about 1639; married ( unknown).

6. Rachel bp 8 Sep 1641 RDC NY; married l1 Nov 1663 Jan Lequier born about 1639; died about 1713.

+7. VOLKERT bp 15 Nov 1643 RDC NY; died before 1698; married about 1668 at Bushwick NY ANNETJE PHILLIPSE LANGELAN; daughter of Phillip Langelan.

8. Jacob born about 1646; married (unknown); owned property in Boswyck in 1675, last record of him in 1687.

9. Ariantje bp 21 Aug 1650 RDC New York NY; married about 1675 Carel Huysman (Charles Houseman); moved to New Jersey before 1680.

10. Jennekin (Jannetje) bp 7 Dec 1653 RDC New York NY; died about 1698 Bushwick NY; married 7 Oct 1674 Pierre Des Champs (changed to Peter Schamp by Dutch); died 9 Jan 1694 Bushwick NY; son of Jacobus Schamp and Elizabeth Cuijpers.



1. Dirck born about 1667; died 2 June 1754 Millstone River Somerset Co. NJ; married 25 Sep 1691 at Bushwick NY Maria DeWitt born 1671; daughter of Peter DeWitt and Sarah Alberts. They moved to New Jersey about 1699. He married (2) 1710 Jenneke Schouwten; married (3) Grietje/Geesje Zynieltse. Dirck left will dated 4 Nov 1752.

2. Neeltje born 1669 Bushwick NY; married 19 Aug 1683 Cornelis Cortelyou born about 1662; died about 1690; son of Jacques Cortelyou and Neeltje Van Duyn.

3. Philip born 1670; died before 17 June 1740 Somerset Co. NY; married (1) 1696 Ann Van Cleef; married (2) Mettie Van Arsdale born 1672; daughter of Simon Janse Van Arsdale. Philip left will dated 15 Jan 1740.

4. Nicholas born 1672; died 15 Mar 1759 Brooklyn NY; married 1699 Neeltje Couwenhoven.

5. Grietje born 1675.

6. CHRISTYNTJE born about 1678 Bushwick NY; married ROELOF JANSE SEBRING born about 1675 Flatbush NY; died 1756 Somerset Co. NJ; son of Jan Roelofse Sebring and Adrinna Polhemus.

7. Sara bp 7 Jan 1680 RDC Brooklyn; married (unknown) Van Veghte.

8. Lydia bp 26 Feb 1682 Flatlands NY; married Frederick Symans.

9. Machtelt bp 26 Feb 1682 RDC Flatlands Ny; married Dirck Buritsen.

10. Rachel bp 16 Nov 1683 RDC Flatlands NY.

11. Rebecca bp 24 Mar 1686 NY.

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