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THOMAS PETTIT, a Puritan, was born about 1609 at Widford Hertford EN. It is said that he married CHRISTIAN MELLOWES in Essex Co. EN Nov 1629 before they sailed for America on the ship TALBOT leaving England in March of 1629/30. They landed at Cambridge MA 2 July 1630. Also on this ship was Anna Pettit who was probably daughter of Henri Pettit; and John Pettit born about 1608 in England; may be related to Thomas Pettit. Thomas died at Newtown Long Island NY before Oct 1668.

Thomas Pettit was consistently a non-conformist and in 1637 sided with Mrs. Anne Hutchinson in her controversy with Massachusetts Bay Colony. During the trial he was arrested on suspicion of slander, insubordination and inciting to riot. He was convicted and sentenced to jail but was later released with others upon agreement that they would all leave Massachusetts Bay Colony within 10 days. Thomas went with Rev. John Wheelwright to the Falls of Piscataqua in New Hampshire where a tract was obtained from the natives and they founded the town of Exeter. When the Duke of York granted all of the land surrounding the settlement of Exeter to Massachusetts Bay Colony, it became economically necessary that Exeter be reinstated with the Bay Colony. At that time, Thomas Pettit sold his property and in 1655 moved to Long Island with others where they were given permission to settle. The new settlement was called Newtown.



1. Thomas II was born aboard ship TALBOT in Salem harbor MA 25 June 1630; married at Newtown NY Hannah (unknown), widow of John Moore.

2. SARAH born about 1634 Boston MA; married THOMAS SKILLMAN.

3. Joseph born about 1636 Boston MA; married Margaret German; settled at Hempstead LI.

4. Elizabeth born Exeter NH about 1637; married (1) Thomas Reed; married (2) after 1665 John Burroughs of Newtown LI; born 1617; died 1678. Elizabeth left will dated 1678.

5. John born about 1638 Exeter NH; died about 1690 Hempstead LI NY; married (1) (unknown) Moore; married (2) (unknown) Osborn.

6. Mary born about 1640 Exeter NH; married at Newtown LI after 1660 John Furman/Forman. John received Thomas Pettit's sword.

7. Nathaniel born about 1645 Exeter NH; died before 25 June 1718 Hopewell NJ married about 1665 Mary Bailey; daughter of Elias Bailey. In 1696 he moved to Hopewell Township Hunterdon Co. NJ. He left will dated 13 Mar 1714/15; proved 25 June 1718.

8. Hannah Pettit born 1 Feb 1647 Exeter NH. Hannah was named in sister Elizabeth's will.