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Possibly the first known ancestor of the Nevius family is JOHANNES NEFFIUS born about 1550 Antwerp Belgium; died 9 Sep 1602 Frankfort Germany; married about 1589 to SARA LENERT born about 1567 Cologne Germany.


+1. JOHANNES born about 1594 Zoelen Holland; died about 1634; married 25 Jul 1625 MARIA BECCZ, daughter of Peter Beccz and Gertrude Diepenbroucks. He entered the University of Leyden in Holland in 1608. He was a minister in the Dutch Reform Church of Zoelen, Province of Gelderland from 1619-1634. In the records of that church in his own handwriting is inscribed the following: "On June 13, 1619, Johannes Neeffius arrived at Zoelen . . and was elected to the pastorate . . . While acting as such pastor on July 25, 1615, he was married to Maria Becx of Cologne . . .daughter of Peter Becx ." On 1 Jan 1634, the Rev. Johannes Nevius was called to Venlo, Limburg . . . just on the outskirts of the Netherlands, about 50 miles southeast of Zoelen.

2. Margaret.



+1. JOHANNES bp 14 Mar 1627 Zoelen Holland; died about 1672 Brooklyn; buried in Brooklyn Church Yard north part of Trinity Cemetery; married 18 Nov 1653 ARIANTJE BLEIJCK from Batavia in the East Indies; born about 1637 in Batavia Dutch East Indies; died about 1686 NY; buried Brooklyn Churchyard NY. She was the daughter of Swantje Jans and Cornelis Adriaens Bleijck and step-daughter of Cornelis De Potter. Ariaentje married (2) Jan Aertsen and (3) Christopher Hoogland. Johannes Nevius emigrated from Solin or Solingen in Westphalia and first settled on High (Pearl) Street in New Amsterdam. In 1654 and 1655 he was a schepen of New Amsterdam; in 1660 he and his wife are recorded on the lists of member of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam as having removed to the ferry at Brooklyn. In 1670 he held the position of ferryman and by 1672 his wife petitioned for an extension of 6 years of her deceased husband's ferry lease. Honeyman in Immigrant Ancestors of Somerset Co. NJ says that Johannes came to New Amsterdam about 1651. George Labaw in Preakness and Preakness Reformed Church, says that he was baptized 14 Mar 1626/7 Zoelen Holland and was a student at the University of Leyden.

From NYGBR V 5-6; July 1874: Johannes Nevius, second clerk of the city of New Amsterdam, was a native of Zoelen, on the river Linge, in the Neder-Betuwe, in the province of Gelderland, Holland. In 1656 he owned a house and lot in Broadway, south of Wall Street. He later moved to Brooklyn where he leased the Ferry; he died previous to 1676.

2. Matthias bp 10 Aug 1628 Zoelen Netherlands; died 22 Nov 1682 Brooklyn NY.

3. Peter born 10 Jan 1629/30 Zoelen Netherlands.

4. Abraham bp 13 Jul 1631 Zoelen Netherlands.

5. Sarah bp 21 Oct 1632 Zoelen Netherlands.



1. Johannes bp 8 Nov 1654 New Amsterdam DRC; died about 1664; buried original Dutch Burial Grounds.

2. Sara bp 27 Aug 1656 NY New Amsterdam DRC; died before 1665 New Amsterdam.

3. Cornelis bp 2 Sep 1657 New Amsterdam DRC; died 19 Jan 1661.

4. Maria bp 22 Dec 1658 New Amsterdam DRC ; died after Apr 1679).

+5. Cornelis bp 19 Jan 1660/1 New Amsterdam; died 23 Oct 1711; married 15 Apr 1683 Agatha Joris Bouman of Brooklyn NY, daughter of Joris Jocobse Bouman and Trientje Claessen.

+6. PETER, bp 4 Feb 1663 New Amsterdam DRC; died 29 Apr 1740 at Flatlands NY; married 22 June 1684 at Flatlands NY JANNETJE ROELOFSE SCHENCK born about 1665; died 1684; daughter of Roelof Martense Schenck and Neeltje Gerretse Van Couwenhoven. He is listed as a member of Flatlands Church and is a deacon in 1689; "paid for the use of the pall of said children as late as Jan 12, 1724."

7. Sarah Katherine bp 16 Feb 1665 NY; died 1722; married 2 May 1685 Cornelis Pieterse Luyster born 1662; died 1721; son of Peter Cornelius Luyster and Aeltje Tysson.

8. Johanna bp 11 Mar 1667/8; died 1735; married 10 May 1684 at Brooklyn Garret Elbertse Stoothoff born 1655; died 30 Mar 1730 Flatlands NY; son of Elbert Elbertsen Stoothoff and Aeltje Cornelis Cool.

9. Perhaps Elizabeth; married Jan Aersen Middagh.

10. Catherine born 12 July 1670; died 12 July 1707; married Garret Pieterse Wyckoff; son of Pieter Claesen Wycoff and Grietje Cornelis Van Ness.


Children of Cornelis Neffius and Agatha Joris Bouman:

1. Johannes born 17 Feb 1683/4; died about 1687.

+2. Joris/George born about 1686 Brooklyn NY; died 17 Apr 1744 Bucks Co. PA; married Willemptje Barkelo who died about 1755 Bucks Co. PA; daughter of Jan Harmanson Barkelo and Margrietje (unknown).

+3. Johannes born about 1688 Staten Island NY; died after 1748; married 9 Oct 1710 Bergen NJ Anjte Gerrets Van Wagenen bp 13 Nov 1689 NY, daughter of Garret Garrets Van Wagenen and Neesje Peterse Marselis.

4. Arientje born about 1690 Staten Island NY; died 18 Jan 1774; married Peter (unknown) and/or Garrett Kroesen.

5. Tryntje/Catherine born about 1695 Staten Island NY; died after 1761; married about 1715 Johannes Metzalaer.

6. Marytje/Maria born 20 Jun 1700 Port Richmond Staten Island NY; died after 1736; married about 1720 Peter Metzalaer.

7. Sara born about 1702 Port Richmond Staten Island NY; died about 1789; married about 1720 Bastiaan Ellis.

8. Cornelius born 22 Oct 1707 Port Richmond Staten Island NY; died before 1707.


1. Johannes born about 1685 Flatlands NY; died about 1703 Flatlands NY.

+2. Roelof born about 1687 Flatlands NY; died 1756; married 3 May 1712 NY Catryntie Lucasse Vorhees born about 1689 Flatlands NY; daughter of Lucas Stevense Van Voorhees and Jannetje Minns.

3. Aeltje born about 1689 Flatlands NY.

4. Cornelis Nevius born 23 Apr 1691 Flatlands NY; died about 1759 NY; married about 1727 Magdalena (unknown).

+5. Martinus Nevius born about 1693 Flatlands NY;died about 1766; married 27 Aug 1715 NY Willempje Lucasse Voorhees bp 15 Nov 1694 Brooklyn NY; daughter of Lucas Stevense Van Voorhees and Jannetje Minnes. Settled in Monmouth Co. NJ and was a member of the Marlboro RDC in 1719.

+6. Pieter Nevius born 28 July 1695 Flatlands NY; died 16 Sep 1768; married 30 Mar 1717 Flatbush NY Altje Ten Eyck born about 1694; daughter of Tobias Ten Eyck and Elizabeth Hegeman.

7. NEELTJE NEVIUS born about 1697 Flatlands NY; died 19 Jan 1766; married 27 Aug 1715 NY JAN JANSE VAN VOORHEES bp 2 May 1686 Brooklyn NY; died 7 Feb 1771, son of Jan Stevense Van Voorhees and Femmetje Aukes Van Nuys.

8. Ariaentje Nevius born about 1698 Flatlands NY; died about 1699 Flatlands NY.

9. Ariaentje Nevius born about 1700 Flatlands NY; died 1740; married (1) 6 Mar 1719/20 Peter Gerritse Voorhees; married (2) about 1749 Gysbert Sutphen. (Marriage License Bond 15 June 1749)

+10. David Peter Nevius bp 14 May 1702 Brooklyn NY; died 19 Oct 1775; married 18 Mar 1727/8 Margaret Albertse Van Voorhees, widow of Peter Stoothoff; born 23 Feb 1700; died 23 Apr 1787; daughter of Albert Coerte Van Voorhees and Sarah Willemse Cornell. They resided in Franklin Twp. Somerset Co. NJ and for many years he was assessor of that township. He was a man of importance in both religious and civic affairs.

+11. Johannes Nevius born about 1704 Flatlands NY; died Apr 1750; married 10 Apr 1731 Susanna Martense Schenck born 28 Dec 1712; died 6 Oct 1773; daughter of Marten Roelofse Schenck and Jannetje Voorhees.

12. Child born about 1706 Flatlands NY.

13. Child born about 1708 Flatlands NY.

14. Child born about 1710 Flatlands NY.