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The Carrot Patch Canadian Show Engine Patch

On this page I have posted some examples of the engines I have seen at the shows in my area. Sometimes, I know who owns the engine, and sometimes I don't. They are just here for you to enjoy. This page is constantly being updated during the show season so check back often.

Click on the thumbnail pictures for a bigger image.

A Gilson Wizzard built in Guelph, Ont and a nicely restored Grey engine on the right.

A side shaft, 4 HP Mogul engine and a 6 HP Titan on the right.

A 5 HP Milwaukee engine and a Renfrew engine on the right.

A rare Fairbanks Co. engine and a Connor engine built in Exeter, Ontario.

An Acadia engine and a 6 HP Gilson on the right.

A CH&E engine and a Gould Shapely and Muir "Ideal" on the right.

A National from Quebec and a 6 HP Napoleon which was sold in Quebec.

A nicely restored London engine and a rare air cooled White Lilly on the right.

A friend of mine owns this 15 HP Fairbanks Morse Z and another gentleman I know owns this excellently restored Monarch engine on the right.

A nicely restored Fairbanks Morse "T" and a large 15 HP Simplex on the right.

An Empire engine on the left and a Timothy Eaton engine on the right.

A nice pair of Ruston Hornsby engines. A 3 HP on the left and a 20 HP on the right

A Sandwich engine on the left and a friends United on the right.

A nicely restored ball top Lister engine and a 6HP John Deere.

A pair of impressive engines to hear running, a 50 HP Fairbanks Morse and a Blackstone diesel.

A really impressive engine to see in action. It is a 500 HP Ruston and Hornsby 4 cylinder diesel which weighs 75 tons and consumes 25 gallons of fuel per hour at full working load. It was installed in 1924 in a pumping station in the city of Kitchener, Ontario.

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