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The Car Patch

This page is to show off the two antique cars that we have. One is a 1918 Gray Dort and the other is a 1916 Saxon. My father, Peter, restored them years ago and they have given us many hours of enjoyment.

The Gray Dort Motor Car Company built cars in the town of Chatham, Ontario, Canada from 1915 to 1925 and was a marriage of the Gray Carriage Co. of Chatham and the Dort Motor Co. of Flint Mich. In the ten years they were in business, they produced almost thirty thousand cars and were highly regarded in the country as having tough and dependable cars. All kinds of models were made including touring cars, sedans and roadsters. There was even a right hand drive model produced for export. This particular model is an 1918 11-M Special which featured a Motometer radiator guage and a body done in Ox Blood Maroon with black fenders and wheels painted Packard Yellow. It is powered by a four cylinder Lycoming engine. The company folded when Dort decided to get out of the car business and died a year later while playing golf. Bill Gray decided that he had had enough as well and the company quit their operations in 1925. This touring model has been our family since the late 50's

The Saxon Motor Co. was located in Detroit Mich. from 1914 to 1922. They were a well built car and the company expanded into differant models. Unfortunately, the company was having many organizational and financial problems when they decided to use all of their operating capital. That led to their closing and the liquidation of their assets in 1922. This particular Saxon is a 1916 model 14 and is powered by a Continental OA engine. It features a unique three speed transmission in the rear end which allows it to cruise at approx. 25mph and get 40mpg. This car was bought new by a gentleman in Toronto and driven for two years untill he was mistaken as a bank robber because of the car he drove and went to prison for two years. Upon getting out, he dismantled the car, swearing never to drive it again. My father came along in the late 50's and offered to buy the car. He was refused, but the now old man willed it to him in his estate. The origional owner had a reputation as a ladies man and is supposed to have seduced over fifty women in this car! Quite a reputation to live up to. It is a very maneuverable car.

NOTE! This car is now for sale. My father is getting up in years and would like it to go to a deserving home. This is a very rare car and they don't come up for sale very often. Price is $15000.00 Cdn. Thanks.



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