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The Tractor Patch

This is the page devoted to my one and only restored tractor, a 1946 John Deere Unstyled AR.

I searched for about a year and always found John Deeres that were either not what I wanted or too expensive for my budget. While I was visiting a friend one day, he told me another fellow he knew had an AR for sale. Being new to the hobby, the only AR's I had seen were styled and I didn't really want a styled tractor. It was sitting at a fellow's place behind the car wash in the town of Mount Forest, Ont. where it had sat for the last ten years. It was love at first sight.

John Deere Unstyled AR Serial # 266005, as I found it where it had sat for the last ten years prior to 1994.

Oh My God!! What have I gotten myself into?

Now it is starting to look like something familiar.

My lovely wife doing the final detail work for me.

The final product. It starts and runs very well and I have gotten many positive comments on it.

This picture was taken at our 1998 show where I pulled in the 5500 lb class and came in third with a pull of 221'2".


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