My NaMe iS BuDDy-Im A DoG-wELcomE To mY DoG HouSePage <center><img src="" align=middle></center>
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My NaMe iS BuDDy-Im A DoG-wELcomE To mY DoG HouSePage

I aM A ChiHuahua mY fAverent THinGs R:

FaVoRite LIcks

Dinky "Taco-Bell Dog"
mE AnD MoMmy
Me & sISTer(MAcHeNziE)-sHe's AdOpTeD
A GrEat PiCture oF mE
BotH OwnERs
MoRe HomePaGes

ItS a TouGh jOb BeiNg A dOg: Im Not yOuR NorMal DoG I BiGGeR ThaN ReGuleR ChiHuahua AnD I SurF tHe NeT whEn OwNers At wOrK. mY SistEr Is KaT We fiGht aLoT BuT i StiLl LuV HeR. ShEs AlWays Likin mE sO I liK HEr 2. I tRy To KeEp HeR OuT Of TrOuBle. DoGs BeTTEr ThAn KaTs

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