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This site is managed by Mr. Russell Byer, an 8th grade middle school math teacher from Brockport, NY. For my students, you will be required to use this site as a resource tool and as a medium for projects. You should also use the various links to other sites for enrichment and fun. Also available is a problem of the month to try. For visitors of this site: I hope you enjoy what you see, and please feel free to use/take/borrow any of the ideas that you wish. If Virtual Math can help in the education of any child, this site will have fulfilled its purpose. I welcome any comments/suggestions/questions that you may have. Please send them to me at: Thanks to all of the creators and authors of the various sites I have created links to. Without your ingenuity this site would not have been possible.

Mr. Russell S. Byer
math teacher
AD Oliver Middle School in Brockport, NY

UPDATE: Mr. Byer no longer works for Brockport Central School District. He is still teaching Middle School Math and can still be contacted via the email on this website. While he will not be actively updating the information on this site, he will still be happy to answer any and all questions from other educators and students.