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Baron von Glower Q&A with Nico Sels

Q: Do you feel the Baron was a pawn or a convenient excuse for Ludwigs downfall, or was he the main cause?

A: "Well, I don't see the Baron as a pawn, he is WAY to individual for that..but I think he used others as his pawns.
He must have had a way to be very convincing and charming towards other people, that was his main strength, he must have been a respected member of society by then.
If Friedrich was really behind the arrestation of Ludwig, that is an unanswered enigma, however he had some serious connections with Bismarck at the time.
Historically they just wanted to get rid of Ludwig, because he was MUCH to expensive (with all the castles he built), he wasn't an example of how a king should be (however, the people loved their 'fairytail king').
Personally I think, that in the game, Friedrich just became he made ANOTHER victim that went mad over the curse of lycanthropy. He was afraid that Ludwig would come after HIM, so I think he plotted something against him with other politicians..and off course..THEY wouldn't mind that he would dissapear."

Q: Do you think Ludwig wanted to be like the Baron ?

A: "Initially yes..but not because of the lycanthropy.he hated it..he knew what the curse meant.
However he was attracted to Friedrich because of his charming personality, they both shared the taste for operas and the music of wagner, and smart as Friedrich was, he was a great talking partner for Ludwig.
It was like with all the others, once he met someone interesting , Ludwig got obssessed with the person and overloaded him with gifts and attentions, untill the moment he got bitten..from then on Ludwig TRIED to hate him.. but as you can read in his diarys, he STILL was in love with him somehow.
Untill he realised that his very soul was in danger when he would not exterminate the Baron, that is when he worked on the opera together with wagner."

Q: Is the Baron gone for good ?

A: "Honestly? No..I don't think so.. Jane told me that she INITIALLY didn't plan for him to survive the fire, but she would see how things would turn out in the future.
Friedrich COULD be reconstructed, if someone took his remains from the oven... ya never know.
In any case, von Glower was a VERY popular character.... so I think someday Jane will consider bringing him back.
But what if Friedrich would come back? Would Gabriel STILL be a werewolf then?"

Q: Did it seem that Gabriel was smitten with the Baron before or after the werewolf bite?

A: "Well, Gabriel considered Friedrich as a very nice man in the first place, a man that could become an interesting friend.
Unlike in Gabriel Knight 1, Gabriel however finally learned to take his responsibility. He knew that he had to kill Friedrich to become human again, there was simply no other way.
No matter how much he would have liked to stay with him, he knew that he had a responsibility as a Schattenjäger, and he took it.. However, I think that IF Grace would have shown him the letter....things just might have turned out differently (again, the letter was a perfect example of how manipulative Friedrich really can be)
At the end of the game, Gabriel showed some deep regret towards killing von Glower...and it is there that we know he really NEEDS a friend, why else would he ask Grace to stay with him?"

Q: Was the Baron truly a traitor?

A: "No question about that, he was not a traitor. I think he HAS a good personallity, but just HAS to learn to live with the fact that he is a werewolf.. this brings him into situations where he has no choice of being a traitor.. He simply is trying to save his life.
Same thing happens with Gabriel, however he is prepared to make an exception for him. The choice is simple for him, either he gets the companion he wants or either he dies (why else did he return the talisman to Gabriel?) He leaves the choice to Gabriel: either become my companion, or otherwise kill me.. (a normal reaction after HUNDREDS of years of solitude).
At the end the WOLF in von Glower chooses differently, if he is threatend by Gabriel in wolf form, he eventually attacks him, when Gabriel takes the first step. (this is if the game ends badly)"

Q: Why do think he let von Zell run amok ?

A: "What could he do? There is a great risk for an alpha to make another betta, as the betta has the ability to kill the Alpha. The Alpha can do nothing if he attacks a betta, the same damage will come upon him.
That is why needed Gabriel, to get rid of von he could not do it himself. There is no doubt that von Glower hated von Zells behaviour, be not mistaken: von Glower killed humans himself (whose pit do you think that was in the forest?)
But with von Glower it was different, a human was the same for him as any other pray (like a healthy beast kills for food), von Zell on the other hand, killed for THE KILL itself, like a psychopath... this is what von Glower could not put up with, cause von Zell lacked respect for the in that matter, what he tells Gabriel when he explains the club philosophy..THAT part is true."

Q: Do you think von Zell was always miserable or did the werewolf in him cause him to be so testy

A: "The curse of Lycanthropy just maddened him, like so many others 'the blood was to much for the brain and my chosen one ended up dead or mad' von Zell was't initially like that, as von Glower and von Zell were best friends BEFORE von Glower bit him, just another mistake of Friedrich."

Q : Was Ludwig in love with Wagner or did he use him for his own gains?i.e cure for his affliction.

A: "Wagner was like all the rest of people Ludwig suddenly could become obsessed with, Wagner was bisexual himself, but it is not known if they indeed had something sexual together. Ludwig was a bit dissapointed with how Wagner looked, but he stayed however someone he could worship."

Nico Sels is 26 years old and lives in Belgium. He has had correspondence and developed a friendship with Piotrek Andrzejewski. He and a friend are currently developing a comicbook with the main character being modeled after Piotrek. If you would like to correspond with Nico click Here

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