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1998 Tommy Bolin Tribute Concert

The 1998 Tommy Bolin Tribute Concert,
with Glenn Hughes, Johnnie Bolin and the rest
of the Bolin Tribute Band were well received
in August, 1998! Thanks go out to Mike
, President and co-owner of the
Tommy Bolin Archives, and of course
to our main man Johnnie Bolin, their
assistant Jamie, sound guru Bob Farbache, and
the rest of the crew at
Tommy Bolin Archives, Inc..

DETAILS: Energy Vocalist/Lyricist Jeff Cook
also was in attendance. The band rehearsed
and played on Friday, August 21 (at "The
Bug Theater") which was GLENN's BIRTHDAY!!
Then they played Saturday, August 22 (at
"The Bluebird Theater") in Denver, Colorado.
Click HERE to read an informal review,
which includes the SET LISTS!

For MORE details, we've got some great
links for ya. Click on the piccie
below for David and Shirean's Glenn Hughes Picture Gallery.
They had PICTURES up within 3 days of the show,
and they now have reviews and more pictures --
Thanks David and Shirean!

Click HERE

Check out this Glenn Hughes link
for Lewis Beard's excellent Glenn Hughes
web site with features, pictures, and concert
reviews. Click HERE

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