Tommy Bolin

In February, 1999, Glenn Hughes,
Johnnie Bolin, Craig Erickson,
Rocky Athas, Robert Ware, and
Terry Brooks took the Tommy Bolin
Tribute Band
"On Tour" in Texas.

Reviews will be posted ASAP!

A big thanks to David and Shirean
Harrison and Mark Hoffman for pictures,
reviews, and above all --

Come Taste The Tribute!

The Texas Tour

Texas Tour Dates and Venues:

2/19 AUSTIN, TEXAS:--------------- BABES


Just a few comments on the Dallas show
- WOW. The guys were truly on and I was quite pleased
that they added several different tunes that were not
played at the Denver show such as People People, Wild
Dogs, and Slow Rider - these songs all sounded fresh
and the whole band is to be commended for the effort.
I was at the side of the stage and when the band came
off they were all ringing with sweat and looked
exhausted so I know they poured their hearts out in
Tommy's memory and i will be forever grateful. Thanks
Mike and Jamie for your devotion and finally hey jim
wilson where the hell were you - I missed you but I
know you were there. Wish i could go to Houston next
week, you guys are in for a special evening. Jump
Back! Neal Golden
Garland, TX US - Wednesday, February 24, 1999.

The Tribute in Dallas took place on Saturday night
(Feb 20th) at the Blue Cat Blues Club in the Deep
Elum section of Dallas (D.E. is our version of New
York City's Greenwich Village, an eclectic area
with lots of clubs, restaurants, tattoo palors,
etc. - a very popular entertainment/nightspot in
the "Big D"). The Blue Cat Blues Club, a small
intimate venue, was packed - probably around 250
fans coming to pay "tribute". All the tables
surrounding the stage where full (makes me wish
that I got the pre-paid package deal offered by
the TB Archives), as were all the standing areas,
in front of the stage - center, and back areas,
as well as by the bars.

The crowd was mixed, with about an equal amount
of men and women, aged from mid 20s to late 50s,
and some even wore Tommy Bolin (Teaser) t-shirts.
(The TB Archives had a table set up near the
entrance offering CDs, posters, T-shirts and
other memorabilia, and... Yes,..... I purchased
a T-shirt, as well a CD of the 1997 Tribute
Concert for myself).

The "TB Tribute Band" took stage at approximately
11:00 P.M. and played for over 3 hours of great
music! This was my first "Tribute" concert,
however, I was very impressed on how "tight"
the band was. Seems like they've been playing
forever and every night. Rocky Athas did a
brilliant job on guitar (I closed my eyes and
imagined Tommy playing.....), as did Johnnie
Bolin on drums, however, the stage belonged to
Glenn Hughes playing his tribute. Glenn's stage
persona, his powerful, passionate, heartfelt
vocals and "thunderous bass" playing were the
highlights of the show. The band played a wide
range of songs from Tommy's solo and Deep Purple
days, as well as a couple of Glenn Hughes Trapeze
songs. (Glenn also did a good job singing and
sounding like Tommy, especially on "Wild Dogs",
"Dreamer".) The crowd seemed to really come alive
with Glenn performing "Tommy with Deep Purple"
songs, "You Keep on Movin" and "Gettin' Tighter".

I guess it was Glenn's emotional singing that
moved the crowd, and the songs are very special,
as they're the ones that Tommy and Glenn performed
together almost 25 years ago when they were with
Purple. (Imagine what great music Tommy & Glenn
could have created). Glenn, who told the audience
that he was sick with the flu/cold, was simply
"incredible!!!" (What range -- he hits the
high notes, and screams better than 25 years
ago with Purple!)

This was my first Tribute Concert, and can say
that Tommy Bolin "spirit" is alive and will live
forever in his music. I'm looking forward to the
next Tribute! And in the mean time I'm going
to be listening to and enjoying the CDs!

All the best,
Roman Kikta
Dallas, TX USA

2/27 HOUSTON:------------ FITZGERALDS

The Houston show took place on Saturday FEB-27th
at Fitzgerald’s, which is in the old part of town.
This club has been there since the 60’s. It’s quite
rustic inside with a raised theater type of stage,
and sort of a V-shaped balcony that would allow
one to get close to the left, or right side of the
stage. It is also a three story frame building with
Fitgerald’s taking up the 2nd, and 3rd level.
The 1st level is some sort of a new band
introduction area, and overall a perfect place
for the occasion.

We arrived around 5:45 to see the TB tour bus,
and the band was just getting in gear to do a sound
check. Then at about 6:30 Johnny Bolin was leaning
against the staircase on the side of the building to
get some fresh air, he waved and asked how we
were doing today. “That was cool”, then we met
Bill, a friend of Glenn’s that used to be involved
in his management and he pointed out that Glenn
was doing Autographs out front.

The TB Tribute folks were having a hard time keeping
people from walking through the side entrances as
people were gathering to listen and watch the
sound check, but they really didn’t seem to mind
too much, and it was an opportunity to talk with
Glenn, and Rocky who are both good people.
The opening band “MOJO-LINGO” hit the stage
around 9:30pm and played about one hour, then
at about 10:45 the TB band hit the stage and
cranked up without Glenn, but toward the end
of the song he came strolling out and took control
of the microphone, the band had a pure polished
sound and it seemed that the crowd started to
thicken even more “packed”.

Robert Ware started off on the bass for most,
or all of the Tommy Bolin songs, then Glenn
strapped his on during the Trapeze, & Purple
songs, and although both are excellent bass
players it just seemed a little more magical for
Glenn when he was the player, and his VOICE!!
“Woo” . Some of the tunes I remember were:
(Lotus, Slow Driver, People,People, Gypsy Soul,
You Are The Music, Coast To Coast, This Time
Around, Owed To ‘G’, Gettin’ Tighter, Your
Love Is Alright, Teaser, and last but not least
Black Cloud.)

The other members were absolutely outstanding
too. Rocky Athas was putting on his stage
charm, and cutting edge guitar work as always,
Terry, Johnny, and Craig were outstanding and
well in the mix, but poor Johnny kept getting
his left cymbal knocked over which may have
had something to do with the riser floor being
weak on the outer edges.

This was my first TB tribute concert, and I
must say it was overwhelming, a great thing
to follow indeed.

Rick Nelson



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