Tommy Bolin
Nemperor NE 43C

Review by Billy Altman
(Source: Rolling Stone: Feb. 12, 1976; Page 92)

On his first solo album Tommy Bolin continues to display the flexibility that enabled him to play with such diverse bands as the James Gang, Billy Cobham and, presently, Deep Purple. Bolin uses his time well, not only as a guitarist who plays well, but also as an above average composer and singer. It is to Bolin's credit that he spends little time on overblown bits of guitar flash - the riff rock title cut and his two Jazz-oriented instrumentals, "Marching Powder", and "Homeward Strut", impress without becoming over-bearing. He concentrates instead on exposing his different styles, which include gentle ballads ("Dreamer"), scorching rockers ("Lotus", "The Grind") and even a bossa nova change-of-pace ("Savannah Woman"). Bolin's vocals are as versatile as his guitar, particularly impressive on Led Zeppelinish "Wild Dogs" and "People, People", whose latin syncopation is neatly augmented by Dave Sanborn 's tasty saxophone work.

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