LADY LUCK (Original Lyrics)

Historical Note: These are the original lyrics to Lady Luck, which is listed as co-written by Jeff Cook and David Coverdale on the Deep Purple release, "Come Taste The Band". Jeff Cook was given partial credit, but basically only the title was retained -- the rest being re-written by David Coverdale.

Lyrics by Jeff Cook

I was raised on the north end
Down by the docks
Had to steal just to eat
Or work till you drop
Amongst the dirt and the rats
And the filth and the stench
It's every man for himself
And no one giving an inch.

Lady Luck
Take me by the collar, pull me up
Lady Luck, Save my soul, Lord I've had enough.
Oh I've had enough!!

It was real hell in the north end
Even a street by that name
You'd see Satan there nightly
With the sailors and dames
Amongst the drunks and the beggars
And the pimps and the thieves
If you're born there you die there
They say nobody leaves

Oh Lady Luck
Want you to take me by the collar, pull me up
Oh Lady Luck
Save my soul, God I've had enough
Go down to the north end
All that you wish to know
Nothing to see but a sad life
A real Cannery Row
With its failures and fallen angels
And the ones who never tried
Doing so well they can't change things
Yet they're dissatisfied


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