Tribute Concert Weekend, August 15 & 16

Tribute Concert Weekend, August 15 & 16, 1997

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Excellent pictures were taken by John Griswold and Michael Colter.

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ZEPHYR (Tommy's first band) reunited for these shows! This included surviving members David Givens (Bass/Song writer), John Faris (Flute, Sax, Keyboards, Song writer), and Robbie Chamberlin (original drummer). David's wife Anna Givens handled vocals. Eddie Turner (Zephyr's later guitarist), Ralph Patlin (last year's Tribute guitarist) and Jock Bartley played guitar. To read an excellent history of Zephyr, click HERE.

John Tesar (friend and co-writer with Tommy) was an extra special guest.

Zephyr headlined (played last) on Friday, but opened for Glenn Hughes on Saturday. Although Friday's performance by Zephyr was terrific, they blew even themselves away on Saturday night! They wanted to show the die-hard audience that their souls were rock-and- roll just like Glenn Hughes! They were amazing, with a great psychedelic three-projector visual show going on behind the musicians - just like they did back in the '60's and '70's!


ZEPHYR Set List:

Cross the River
See My People Come Together
St. James Infirmary
Sun's A Risin'
Crazy About You
Keep Me
I'll Be Right Here
Our Creator Has a Master Plan
Goin' Back to Colorado
Sail On

Glenn Hughes' band included Terry Brooks on keyboards, Robert Ware on bass (when Glenn didn't play), Rocky Athas (Black Oak Arkansas) and Ralph Patlan (The Call) on guitars, and Johnnie Bolin on drums.


Glenn Hughes Set List:


Shake The Devil
You Told Me That You Loved Me
Gypsy Soul
Coast To Coast
Gettin' Tighter
You Keep On Moving
Dreamer (encore)

Saturday's Set List:

Saturday:Same as Friday, plus "Your Love Is Alright" (A Trapeze) song!
There was also "Happy Birthday" for John Bolin, and a great drum solo...

For a picture of Glenn Hughes with "a fan" at Saturday's sound check, click HERE.


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Glenn Hughes, who headlined this year, worked together on Deep Purple's Come Taste The Band . Glenn's voice is better than ever, and he's got a new album called Addiction.

Last year (1996) was fun (see the 1996 Tribute Concerts review), but "This Time Around" was MONUMENTAL!

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