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These are boxes made from black and white dice. I am an artist in NYC and this is one of my many projects. I sell the boxes - and also sell the dice -wholesale- as KITS, with instructions, so you can make them yourself. I also make frames and candlesticks. here is a dice frame says "YOU ARE THE ONE FOR ME"

Here is another frame without the Scrabble letters.

These are a couple of my candlesticks.

E-mail me for further information.

In addition I create things that glitter. Here is a teapot like Judith Leiber's evening handbags, only rather than using precious gems, I use rhinestones and glitter.

YOUR BUSINESS CARD can be made into a three-dimensional object through origami. I call them CUBE-OCTAHEDRONS. They are good as an ornament on your desk. They're also great to give to a special client or have a clients card made as a gift. Contact me for information if you are interested.

I will need five business cards for each ball.
One ball is $10.00.
Three for $25.00.
Five or More - Email me.

I also design city gardens. Come see my garden.

Let me know what you think about my page.