Aquascape Art

Brought to you by Nick Peters.

Photograph courtesy of Mako Films, photographer Stephen Lewis.


Yes it's true, I'm drawing underwater at a depth of 30 feet (9.14 meters) on the Caribbean island of Bonaire.
Click photograph, to see me working at a dive site, named"Donut Hole"on Grand Cayman, at a depth of 50 feet (15.2 meters), this was my first Aquascape [TM],
I coined this word in 1985 to define my underwater art.

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On hearing what I do,people invariably ask me, "How do you paint underwater?". The answer, "Not very easily."


The Aquascapes [TM] you will be viewing were drawn underwater while on SCUBA . At a later date this site will also be showing oil paintings created underwater as well as acrylic collages that contain Aquascape drawings.
I abandoned studio painting with aquatic themes in 1984 for the more intense experience of working underwater. Many fish have bitten my art, my ear lobes and have perched in my lap (like the Stone Fish in Bonaire) while I worked. As a result of being stationary when working, some seldom seen dramas of the natural world have taken place around me. At times the marine inhabitants have included me in their drama.These stories with accompanying art will also be shown here.

The real answer to the question, "How do you paint underwater?", is quite simple. Drawings are done on water color paper (100% rag acid free) which holds up very well when submerged.The media used are oil pastels and colored pencils which are not affected by salt water. With the exception of adding a water color wash background during the desalinization process the imagery is started and finished underwater. For my paintings, I use oil sticks on gessoed linen which is preshrunk by soaking in water before hand.
It has always been and continues to be very important to use archival techniques and materials so the work retains its brilliance and value with age.

Aquascapes are in the collection of the Musee Oceanographic, Monaco, private collections in California, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Toronto, Canada and Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.


I would like to thank John Stoneman,B.Sc.,M.Sc.,C.S.C. President, Mako Films Ltd. and the Mako Film crew, who I kept running into on Bonaire, for their interest in my aquascapeart and the underwater photographs of me working.
To Glendale (Adam Ravetch), email me so we can talk about that trip to the Rio Negro River, Brasil, you do the photography and I'll do the aquascapeart.

Terms for Copying the Material on this Site

Being a Netizen (citizen of the net) myself and knowing how much we all like free stuff, the following terms and conditions apply to copying the art work on this site.

You can copy the paintings and drawings (no photographs) for use in nonprofit, educational, personal noncommercial and the following commercial applications, news letters, mailers, flyers, brochures, email, print and electronic advertisment, home pages and internet sites. It is expressly prohibited to use the art in material and internet sites comtaining pornography, slander, defimation, racial slures and promotion of hate. The art can not be reprinted as posters, cards, prints, etc. or affixed to other items without my written duely noterized permission; in other words ask me.

"Aquascape Art by Nick Peters",
must be placed immediately next to all art work copied from this site. When used on a net site or home page there must be a link to on the page displaying the art.

This agreement is what I call something for something or barter-ware.
Now that the legalities have been taken care of, on with the aquascapeart viewing.

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