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On Thursday, November 19th, I attended a Marilyn Manson concert in Syracuse, NY at the Landmark Theatre. WHAT A RUSH! And I owe it all to my best friend for taking me! There was a whole story behind that... See, Nathaniel had purchased two tickets... one for himself, and one for his girlfriend. Sadly, he and his girlfriend broke up before the concert. So my good ol' buddy took me instead! And I will be ever grateful for that! What fun, what fun! Although, I must say that the security guards were real Assholes. So there I was, travelling to Syracuse with my best friend clad in outrageous makeup and my huge Jamiroquai-like hat and Nathaniel with a red streak in his long black hair. We went to our wonderous 7th row seats. Anyway, as for the concert... The band, 12 Rounds opened up for Marilyn Manson. They were pretty good, but after the first half hour of their music, the crowd started getting restless. We wanted Manson already! Anyway, after another fifteen minute wait after 12 Rounds finished, Marilyn Manson finally entered the spotlight. There he was, glammed up in a sparkling blue suit and his fire engine red hair and his white ass hanging out of one of the MANY suits that seemed to be missing cheekflaps. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't complaining! And of course, the other guys were there, too! Twiggy, Ginger, John5, and MW Gacy.... all looking as freaky as ever! Let me tell you, they looked pretty damn weird. But that's what we love about 'em! They started playing right away, and boy was the music loud! I went home with my ears ringing! But it was worth EVERY minute! As I said, security was really strict and they didn't allow a single foot out in the aisle. I remember getting shoved back quite roughly. But the guards always made sure to stand so that we couldn't freakin' see. It was really annoying! But aside from that, the concert was much better than I had ever imagined! I hadn't been much of a Manson fan until after that performance... I was just hooked by him and what he stood for, so here I am, building a web site in his favor. He started with the old familiar song, "Cake and Sodomy". Of course, after a while, there was the popular, "Dope Show", changing into his shiny red suit and huge red boots, and later on, performing "The Beautiful People", and ended with "AntiChrist Superstar" complete with the podium, and the tearing up of the bible. He changed costumes often, and as I said, ALL of them were "open-assed". What a signature. But they were done quickly and efficiently. Manson is quite the stage wonder! Interesting things that happened... Well, Marilyn Manson DID stop the concert because the people in the balcony weren't standing up, declaring that if they were going to take a nap, then he was going to take a nap, too. He laid down on the stage and ignored the audience as they went wild. Then, finally he stood again and got pissed off at two people toward the front on the right. He stated that if they didn't leave, he wouldn't continue the concert, using all sorts of choice words... Finally, he let them stay as long as they took their shirts off and felt each other. I really hope that they were guys. I couldn't see, because I was on the left, and everyone was standing. So he continued with the concert, and everyone screamed and enjoyed the concert. Marilyn Manson seems to enjoy feeling himself on stage... and the crowd loves it... and he also got "very friendly" with one of his back-up singers during (I believe) "User Friendly". (I could be wrong.) For his performance of "The Speed Of Pain" he was dressed in a trenchcoat and fedora, and had it rain little shiny petals of confetti, for a great effect! But it was all good! And I couldn't be happier to have gone to a concert. I remember back in the day when I was a wuss and promised myself that I would never, EVER go to a Marilyn Manson concert... But there I was... and my friend and I were right at home. Unfortunately, it seemed that the concert was all too short.I can't wait for the next tour to roll around. You can bet I'll be at the first concert!