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Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn

Our History

Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn is an auxiliary of Delta Alpha Zeta Chapter, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority was founded on the campus of Howard University as the sister organization to Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Their focus is to to encourage the highest standards of scholarship through scientific, literary, cultural and educational programs; to promote service projects on college campuses and in the community; to foster sisterhood, and exemplify the ideals of finerwomanhood.

Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn is an auxiliary dedicated to lending assistance to Zeta activities. In the early part of 1940, graduate chapters of Zeta Phi Beta realized the importance of the good will, prestige, and cooperation of women who for numerous reasons were not part of any-Greek Letter organization.

Quite a number of active auxiliaries were formed and rendered valuable services to the Chapters and their communities serving as role models for other cities to endeavor similar auxiliaries. In 1948, a group was formed and the Latin name Amicae was chosen.

Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn was originated by Sorors Louise Batson, Fannie Watts, Edith Bowen, and Elgiva Ball, who were members of Delta Alpha Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn was formed on April 13, 1950, and chartered on September 25, 1954. Amica Grace Goddard, (Lady Grace) is a charter member of Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn.

Who We Are

Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn assist the Sponsoring Chapter and render independent community service projects that incorporates their ideals. All Amicae activities are for scholarships and other charitable endeavors.

The women in the Auxiliary are from various backgrounds and professions. Some are retired; others hold full time jobs. With professional expertise in banking, telecommunications, public administration, and education, the women of Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn volunteer their time, skills, talents and abilities to serving, thereby exemplifying a sincere dedication and commitment to their motto - "to serve."

With a membership of 10 women strong, it is evident that the activities carried out by Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn depict the altruistic character of its membership.

What We Do

Our Yearly Calendar of Events include but are not restricted to the following:

Amicae Year

Amicae September
Amicae October
Amicae November and December
Amicae January
Amicae February
Amicae March
Amicae April
Amicae May
Amicae June

SEPTEMBER Youth Workshop
Retreat with our Sponsoring Chapter
OCTOBER Scholarship Dinner Dance
NOVEMBER Thanksgiving Project(feeding families in Family Shelter)
DECEMBER Donating toys to children in hospitals/Family Shelter)
JANUARY Worship Service at Nazarene Congregational Church in Brooklyn, New York
FEBRUARY Annual Black History Program
MARCH Finer Womanhood Luncheon with Sponsoring Chapter
APRIL Spring Fundraising Activity
Invitational Tea and Membership Drive

MAY Senior Citizen Project
JUNE Reflection and Planning (end of the Amicae calendar year)


As a result of an idea of an Amica named Waple Newton, Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn formed a Charm School in 1957. Hazel Coulter was hired as the school's first instructor. When Ms. Coulter died in 1973, the school's name was changed to the Hazel Coulter Charm School in her memory. The Charm School remained in existence for a number of years. With the awareness of the rapid changes taking place within our society and the profound effect those changes had on our youth, Zeta Amicae Youth Workshop manifested itself from the visions of Amicae Mary Terry and Edna Dixon-Lawson. Amica Edna Dixon-Lawson was the first Youth Workshop Chairperson.

The Youth Workshop is held yearly in September or October. Guest speakers discuss topics pertinent to the daily lives of our young people. The presenters also encourage open discussions of their topics. Various topics are presented; among them: peer pressure, self-esteem, education, health and hygiene, drug and substance abuse, career planning, exploring the internet, etiquette for the 90's and voter registration.

At the beginning of each calendar year, the Amicae meet with the Sponsoring Chapter, Delta Alpha Zeta, to plan and discuss ways to become more efficient and effective in fulfilling the goals and purpose.


The Scholarship Dinner Dance is held annually at the Fort Hamilton Officer's Club in Brooklyn. In continuing efforts to stress the importance of higher education, two scholarships are awarded at the Dinner Dance.


During the Thanksgiving season, Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn (sometimes alongwith Delta Alpha Zeta) serve a homecooked Thanksgiving dinner to the residents at the Family Shelter.

At Christmastime, gifts are given to the children at the Family Shelter. A program with songs, poems, and readings accompany the giving of gifts.


The second Sunday in January is the time that Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn worship with the Sponsoring Chapter at Nazarene Congregational Church in Brooklyn (in memory of one of our founders, Soror Fannie Pettie Watts, who was a faithful member of Nazarene for many years.

Soror Watts passed departed this life on August 23, 1995.


A Black History Program is given annually during the month of February to commemorate Black History Month. Residents of the community are encouraged to participate.

The Black History Program was started in the middle 70's by Amica Olive Bryant.It is given a different theme each year; guest speakers speak around the theme. Young people display their skills, talents, and abilities through expressions of song, dance, poetry, etc. Local entrepreneurs are invited to share their experiences and display their products. Informational hand-outs are available to guests. A voter registration table is always prominently displayed.

The Black History Program is always meaningful and well-attended; it gives the auxiliary and all attendees the opportunity to reflect on their past, to embrace their present, and to look forward to their future.

Refreshments are served at the conclusion of the program.


The Finer Womanhood Luncheon is given by the Sponsoring Chapter, Delta Alpha Zeta and is attended by the Amicae. It is during the luncheon that the Amicae of the Year is recognized for her outstanding accomplishments and achievements to the group during the past year. The Sorority also recognizes a Girl of the Year, Woman of the Year, Media Woman of the Year, and sometimes a Family of the Year.


The Spring Fundraiser is given during April to raise monies for future endeavors.
The Invitational Tea and Membership Drive is to meet and fellowship with guests who might want to become members of the auxiliary.


The Senior Citizen Project is the time that the auxiliary remembers the seniors by making worthwhile donations to a Senior Citizens/Nursing Homes.


June ends the Amicae Calendar Year. This is the time to reflect and plan. Chairpersons are appointed so that implementing can began for the next year's projects.


MOTTO: To Serve

FLOWER: White carnation

COLORS: Royal blue and light blue

PIN: Clasped hands covered by the letter "Z"

Zeta Amicae of Brooklyn is a non-profit Auxiliary; therefore, donations are accepted for scholarship and community service projects. If you would like information about becoming a member, sending a donation, or volunteering to work with us on a project, please write to:



BROOKLYN, N.Y. 11212

Or you can contact us via e-mail by clicking here!