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Reunion 99. Jiminy Peak May 28-31, 1999

For tree last days of May 1999 we met again. This time, again at the Jiminy Peak resort in the Berkshire Mountains, Massachusetts.

And it was so good... The best thing was the ability to meet, to talk, to communicate. The beauty and charm of the Berkshires just framed all the events, added a special flavor to talks, after dinner drinks, soccer game.

First people arrived Friday afternoon, and by Friday night the reunion gained full speed, making spacious Gens's suite look crammed. About 12 mexmat-ians (spouses included, children - not included, they were in other rooms) were enjoying each otherís presence with beer, wine, pizza, and more beer.

Another point of difference with previous years was new people: Radik and Eva Gens from Vancouver and Kolya Shvetsov from Kiev. They gave a new stream of blood to our reunion. Radik was a soul of our night gatherings, because he was great singing and playing guitar.

We decided that next reunion would be next year at Jiminy Peak at Memorial Day. This became a tradition.

See you all next year!

On behalf of the graduates from the West,

Yakov Borovskiy.

This is a list of people who was there:

 NN  Last, First Name                   Spouse  Children
 --  -----------------------------      ------- --------
  1. Borovskiy Yakov                    Natasha 

  2. Brin (Krasnokutskaya)
  3. Brin Misha(1970)

  4. Garchteine Aaron                   Sveta   Yanik

  5. Gens Radik                         Eva

  6. Kameniarj Iakov(1970)              Luba

  7. Karasik Joseph                     +       Raisa
  8. Rosenberg(Karasik) Ira(1974)       +

  9. Kaufman Mira(1970)                 +
 10. Kaufman Volodia(1970)              +

 11. Kerchman Vladimir
 12. Kiryankov Vladimir                 +
 13. Kiryankova Anna                    +

 14. Kokotova Khana                     Boris   

 15. Liberman Nikolay                   Mia     

 16. Medvedovsky Leonid                 Marina  Kostya

 17. Mintz(Dain) Rita                   Lenya   Mike

 18. Nusinzon Leonid                    Emma    

 19. Shekhtman Zor                      Gala    David

 20. Skaletsky Vladimir                 +       Volodya, 
 21. Skaletsky(Kvasha) Elena            +       Masha with her daughter
 22. Shvetsov Nikolay
 23. Yatsenco Nikolay                   Nadya

 24. Yelaun Vitaliy                     Alla    Sasha

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Yakov Borovskiy