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This site was created in August 1997, after third Tashkent's School #110 Reunion. Purpose of it is to help people to search for the long lost friends and to inform about Tashkent's School #110 Reunion and maintain history of them.

Sunday, Aug. 17, 1997 we had a reunion of graduates of Tashkent's School #110 in Queens NY. There was Kira Grigorievna Mukhamedzhanova, former "director" of our school, and about 40-50 graduates and 8 teachers. We are going to have photos about this reunion soon.

All these reunions were initiated by our teacher Rafael Yurevich Aronov, which gave me his original list of about 150 our school students. Before this reunion I found e-mail addresses about 50 student on the site: TashkentInfo Home Pages by Biana Brukman

If you want to find your friends or to be found, please, send me full information about you or your friends:
Last Name(Maiden Name), First Name, Year and Class you graduated, Home Phone Number, e-mail address, City, State and Country.
Example: Borovskiy Yakov; 66 10b; 718-232-7832; yakb@yahoo.com; Brooklyn, NY;

You could e-mail me your photos in JPG or GIF formats(please, limit their size to 10K) or addresses of your web pages and I put them on web page too. If somebody has a good picture of our school(new, old or very old), please send me it.

If your friends do not have access to Internet and e-mail, please, help them to be informed. Don't be shy, e-mail or call your friends and teachers.

Feel free to send any suggestions, questions or exclamations:
Yakov Borovskiy

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Yakov Borovskiy