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The Fifth Element Worship Page

The Fifth Element is *the* only 11 on a scale of 10. This page may not be very flashy but it shouldn't have to be. If you want pictures or sounds go somewhere else. I figure other people have those pictures on their pages already. I'd be doing nothing more than copying them. This page is just my take on the movie.

*Fact* Luc Besson ("Fifth Element") has been rumored several times to take the director's chair.Latest news now is that he's doing another movie with Mila Jovovich (aka. Leeloo) this summer. No, it's not a "Fifth Element" sequel, but rather a movie about Joan Of Arc. This flick starts shooting in France this summer, so chances of Besson directing Alien 5 are slim. See Corona Productions' "Joan Of Arc" page for more information.

While your here check out my Fifth Element Fan Page. Leave behind your comments and thoughts on this one of a kind movie. It takes not even a minute to fill out (unless you have a lot to say!) Enjoy your visit!

Fifth Element Soundtrack

1. Little Light of Love (4:50)
2. Mondoshawan (4:01)
3. Timecrash (1:49)
4. Korben Dallas (1:43)
5. Koolen (:55)
6. Akta (1:51)
7. Leeloo (4:56)
8. Five Millenia Later (3:13)
9. Plavalaguna (1:47)
10. Ruby Rap (1:55)
11. Heat (2:54)
12. Badaboom (1:12)
13. Mangalores (1:06)
14. Lucia Di Lammermoor (3:10)
15. The Diva Dance (1:31)
16. Leeloominai (1:41)
17. A Bomb In The Hotel (2:14)
18. Mina Hinoo (:54)
19. No Cash No Trash (1:04)
20. Radiowaves (2:32)
21. Human Nature (2:03)
22. Pictures of War (1:19)
23. Lakta Ligunai (4:14)
24. Protect Life (2:33) [This review contains my reasons for why the 5th Element cannot be love]
25. Little Light of Love (3:29)
26. Aknot! Wot? (bonus track) (3:35)

Symphony: London Session Orchestra Leader: Gavyn Wright Additional Orchestrations: Hubert Bougis Fixer: Isobel Griffiths Recorded on the X-Plorer Starship by: Isabelle "Miss Marp" Martin Assistant: Cyrille De Smet

1) Little Light Of Love The first time I heard this track it reminded me of Peter Gabriel. It sounded so much like him at first. I knew it couldn't have been him though otherwise I would have heard something about it. It's a nice little song. It's a nice relaxing piece to just sit and listen to. This music won't be found in the movie though. I don't know why they put it on here, they only put the last part of it on for the closing credits. For the CD though, I give this track a **** 1/2.
2) Mondoshawan A slow and mysterious little piece. Background to the scene of the first Mondoshawan visit to Earth. That was an stange looking ship if you ask me. Like a big foot. I don't really get that, but well, the Mondoshawan were pretty weird looking themselves. And who wouldn't have mistaken them for Germans? :) (You have to see the movie to understand. I don't want any angry letters from Germans. I have nothing against Germans.) But seriously, that was the set up for the entire movie right there. You learn all about the Fifth Element concept. I so have one question though. Luke Perry. Why the heck was his name in the opening credits as though he had some big huge role in the movie??? He was on screen for like 5 minutes before he shot everyone. What was that about? I'm thinking it was for the best though, I've never really cared for his work that much. A definate *** 1/2 for that one.
3)Timecrash Egypt, that's all I have to say. This is true Egyptian sounding music. That's a good thing though for it takes place in Egypt. It starts when the Mondoshawan are leaving Earth with the stones and Luke goes ballistic on them. Nice background for it. Those massive bodies and the way they walk from side to side makes this an excellent choice for background. Not that great for listening though. I give it a***.
4)Korben Dallas Our hero, Korben Dallas. You gotta love a guy that wakes up to this track. It's unlike anything I've ever heard before. This music plays the first time we see Korben in the movie. It plays through the entire gun scene at the door. That must have been the 23rd century equivlant of a street thug. What a spaz! If it's one thing I like in movies its comedy. This entire scene was quite amusing. Watching Korben keep his cool in the face of a rather large gun. This wasn't an isolated incident, oh no. There were plenty of other guns. Man, that was great! I was quite amused. A definate rating of ***** for that track!
5)Koolen Ah, the perfect woman! Leeloo. How come all the good ones are fictional? Not much of a choice track to listen too though because it's too short. Not bad, just too short. A ** to this tiny track.
6)Akta This is it, one of the greatest tracks on the CD. Nothing to dislike about this one. I love pumping the volume on my stereo for it. It's got that whole spirit of the movie captured in it. This is really the first time we get to witness the awesome city that is New York 250 years from now. Just looking down is enough to make one feel sick. Many of my friends think this to be far fetched and unbelieveable. I think that everything we saw in that scene will be entirely possible in 250 years. With the possible exception of that machine that "re-built" Leeloo. Now that was a bit out there. But it is a movie! Rating: *****, no question.
7)Leeloo One of the longer tracks of the CD. I can't remember where this music comes into play. I probably won't remember for a lot of the tracks. All this is is background music. The music stand-alone doesn't have to be entertaining. The purpose of the soundtrack is to enhance the story. And that's one thing this sountrack did VERY well. I can't stress that enough. This track is very relaxing. Something I listen to before I go to bed on nights where it's difficult to fall asleep. Rating: ***.
8)Five Millenia Later This track is right up there with track 6. I can remember this part of the movie mezmerizing me. This is when Leeloo decided to take a stroll on the outside of a building. The view was simply breathtaking. There is no other explination. That is a perfect world. That city was beautiful. Whenever I picture the future, that's what I like to see. Nice and advanced culture, moving along and prospering. The whole image was detailed to the tiniest pixil. I can only hope that this is what the future holds for mankind. Rating: *****.
9)Plavalaguna Erie piece. Curiosity to the max. And that's the appropriate mood because I'm totally at a lapse as to what's going on in the movie at this time. It's been almost a month since I've seen the movie. Hopefully I'll be able to see it again soon. Rating: ***.
10)Ruby Rap Korben Dallas! Here he is, the one and only winner of the Gemini croquet contest! (GEMINI!) This boy is fueled like fire, so start melting ladies cuz the boy is hotter than hot he's hot, hot, HOT! The right size, right build, right hair, right on (RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON) Right on, right on! And he's got something to say to those fifty billion pair of ear out there. Pop it D-man!: Umm, hi. Unbelieveable! Quiver ladies, quiver he's gonna set the world on fire. Right here from 5 to 7 you'll learn everything there is to know about the Deeeee-man. His dreams, his desires, his most intimate of intimates. And from what I'm lookin' at, intimate is this stud-muffin's middle name. So tell me my man, (drums) you nervous in the service? (drums) Mmmhmm, not really. Freeze those knees my chickadees, cuz Ruby's in the place and he's on the case. Yesterday's frog will be tomorrow's prince, of Fhloston Paradise! The hotel of a thousand and one follies, lollies, and lick 'em lollies. A magic fountain flow of non stop wine, women and hotchie cootchie coo! All night long. All night long, all night!! ...And start licking your stamps little girls, this guy's gonna have you writing home to Momma! Tomorrow from 5 to 7, I'll be your voice, your tongue and I'll be hot on the tail of the sexiest man of the year... D-man... Your man... My man.*whew* I'm glad that's out of the way. That must have been one of the most confusing parts of the movie the first time I saw it. I didn't have a clue as to what he was saying. Look at me now! I've "translated" almost the entire thing. If anyone has any clue as to what he says where he goes on that little tangent at the end of the track, e-mail me! Rating: *****, no question!
11)HeatRasta city man. This track is pretty cool. I like this part in the movie, but it could have done without. Those guys were all high, it was hilarious. I can't even begin to tell you how many people that reminds me of in my school (sadly enough). And what was with those weird parasite things? They were like little rubber balls. They looked rather fake. That's another reason I think they could have done without the scene. I mean it didn't take away from the movie in anyway, but it didn't really help either. It was just sort of there I guess. A *** 1/2 for Heat.
12)Badaboom Don't know where this is from. I like it though. As with most tracks on this soundtrack it's best served as backgorund. (duh) But seriously, it's a cool track and I like it. Rating: *** 1/2.
13)Mangalores Too wierd a track for me. It does capture the Fifth Element world very nicely though. Too short to really make a big impact on anything except the movie. Rating: ***.
14)Lucia Di Lammermoor Opera? The Diva was one of the weirdist people in the movie. All blue like that. Freaky. I don't much like this track to be quite honest. This isn't my kind of music. Like I said, it's an opera. I just don't really care for that. It was not exactly my favorite part of the movie either. It was necessary though. That set up the whole attack scene. That blue blood was a little fake looking, but who can say what alien blood is supposed to look like right? Rating: **.
15)The Diva Dance This one is more to my liking. I don't mind the "opera" part so much with the fast paced background music. I love how they combined the two scenes though. The one of Leeloo kicking the crap out of those Mangalores and the Diva doing her dance. That was cool. The way they cut from scene to scene throughout the movie was brilliant. I love how they made it all come together. It's much like the brilliant work of the writers on Sienfeld! Good track, **** for this one!
16)Leeloominai Another one I can't remember where it's from. I really do need this on video. I've seen it 5 times and I still can't remember! I guess I was more concerned with memorizing more lines. Not one of my favorite pieces, but still not too bad. Rating: ***.
17)A Bomb In The Hotel Well, if it wasn't for the title I don't think I'd know where this one came from either. That was one of the funnier scenes in the movie. How could you not see what was coming though? It was a bit predictable. "No, no, no, no, no, no. It can't be a bomb cuz all these hotels have bomb detectors right?" [Alarm blares right on cue] Yeah, well predictable or not it was still funny. But I guess this could be concidered a goof. Shouldn't the bomb detector alarm have gone off as soon as it was set? It had already counted down 15 minutes. Oh well. Rating: ***.
18)Mina Hinoo I wish this peace had lasted a little longer. I like this kind of music late at night when things start to calm down. I use music almost anywhere to fill the void. And that includes night when it's all quiet. You could really start to tell that Korben had more than an infatuation with Leeloo at this point. His concern was genuine for her well being. Before this point it looked as though he was only interested in her for her looks. After realizing what she really was he started to go to an entirely new level with her. Rating: ***.
19)No Cash No Trash This certainly isn't the first strange track on the CD. This part was when we first saw the airport. What's funny is I didn't even notice the garbage until the flight attendant pointed it out! That of course was due to the announced sanitaion engineers strike. Too short to be of any true listening quality. Rating: ***
20)Radiowaves If I'm not mistaken this is when the ultimate evil was eating all the communication satellites. One thing that I've heard people complain about is the weird color of the blood that came out of Zorg's head. I don't think we're able to fully understand what is going on. That blood may be some kind of "evil" blood. I certainly don't think that bleeding like that is normal, so why would the blood be normal? Nice piece though. Rating: *** 1/2.
21)Human Nature Humans are most definatly one of the most complex creatures to exist. There is no fully understanding us. I mean how could we? We're all so different! (I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but that's what makes it difficult to understand us.) Nice relaxing piece though. It gives a soothing feeling that calms me down. Another *** 1/2.
22)Pictures Of War Easily one of the most depressing scenes in the movie, when Leeloo views the pictures of war. It really is sad. Why do we destroy each other? Not an easy question to answer which makes it harder to find a solution. The only advice I can give is that today's youth needs to understand that we'll be tomorrow's leaders. (No, it's not that speech you get all the time...) Let's just be aware of that and hope that we can figure out a solution to the problem before it's too late. This piece reminds me of the Total Recall soundtrack at parts. It's got some heavy influence from that area. That happened to be my favorite movie before T5E came along. Rating: ****.
23)Lakta Ligunai This piece has that reocurring theme that I like so much in it. It's length and it's variety help make it easily one of the better tracks on the CD. It's rather intense at parts and nice and relaxed at others. Excellent choice for listening to on all accounts. Rating: ****.
24)Protect Life Love, that is what saved our planet. It's not a good thing to have to sit and think about what's worth saving. It should be obvious. It was only to Korben because he was in love with Leeloo. Most of us probably wouldn't have been able to think of anything quick enough. :) But seriously, this is where I have the evidence to support my belief that the 5th Element is *NOT* love. Leeloo didn't even know what love was until Korben kissed her. She was "built to protect, not to love" as I recall. If all had gone according to plan then Leeloo would have never even met Korben. She would have went to the temple and saved earth just the same. Love simply enitiated the power that she had. She only needed love because of everything she had been though. I'm not claiming to know what the 5th Element is, but it's not love. Rating: ****.
25)Little Light Of Love I liked this music so much that I couldn't bare to leave the theater while it was playing. I mean how many times would I get to listen to such awesome music with the power and magnitude of theater speakers? This was the only part of "Little Light Of Love" that was in the movie. Rating: ****.
26)Aknot! Wot? (bonus track) ??? Man, this is FREAKY :) Who's idea was this? This sounds like something I would come up with. It combines all parts of the movie into a nice 3 1/2 minute track. I love this track!!! It's just so differently original that it breaks away from the rest of the CD (and all other CDs out there!). I give this track ****.

Seven Times Total!

A grand total of seven times! My goal was to reach ten in the theater before it left. Looks like that won't be happening :( Unless of course it's ever re-released! You can bet that I'll be one of the first people later in the future to press for that to happen. My kids will need to experience it the way it was meant to be seen! It'll be kinda like Star Wars for me. Hopefully they'll add some more footage, but I won't get greedy :)

Things I Found Amusing/Questionable/Clever

Amusing Things (to me at least...)

  • 11 times was the count for "Aziz Light!" [Just happened to catch that one]
  • The way Aziz's nose 'pulsated' when he saw the aliens for the first time [That doesn't happen unless you try!]
  • Those tiny cigerettes that everyone smoked [I just thought they were special cigerettes to help Korben quit smoking, after all that was his goal!]
  • The eyes on Korben's cat were HUGE when she was watching TV [That actually freaked me out a little :)]
  • What was with the President's eye? [That was more freaky than the cat!]
  • How the Mangalore was shaking when he was attacking the Mondoshawan ship [I think he was getting into it a little too much there]
  • That old guy had HUGE glasses and did he have to say when all the stuff was commensing and when it was ending? [That was in there for my health, don't ask :)]
  • That dude that kept nodding behind the general when they were explaining what was going to happen [He acted like he knew everything!]
  • The sound it made when Leeloo pulled the General's head against the glass [You have no idea why that's so humorus to me, and I doubt you ever will] (All I have to say is "Nunk!")
  • When the one Mangalore shot the net on another 2 or 3 of his companions when they first got the new Zorg weaponry [Aww, isn't that cute? :)]
  • The 'cherry splatter' when Zorg spit the cherry out on that elephant pet thing of his [That's just silly]
  • The noise that Korben's to-be "wife" made when she nodded [I don't think that needs an explination at all]
  • The way that Korben fell when he was hit on the head with the trophy [He looked downright goofy]
  • When Ruby hit the flight attendent with his microphone she went flying [And what was up with the way her hat flew?]
  • Also those crickets were rather funny [That's just classic!]
  • The rug on the floor of Korben's room was some kind of blue alien thing [I guess they still hunt in the 23rd century]
  • When the Diva's servent (I'm assuming) looked like she was talking to the wall when she was telling Leeloo about the stones [Or was she really talking to the wall into some kind of message thing on the door?]
  • Korben's mouth was all small when he was watching the Diva [Patented Willis manuver]
  • When the Mangalore was searching the Diva's trunk in her room for the stones a piece of clothing got caught on his lip for a short period of time. [I don't think that was supposed to happen, but why not!]
  • The way the one Mangalore's eyebrow raised up kind of like Spock when Leeloo was beating the crap out of the other Mangalores [I can do that!]
  • When Ruby appologized to the Mangalore after he shot him [That Ruby...]

    Questionable Things

  • Why was Luke Perry in the opening credits? I mean he wasn't even in the movie for more than 5 minutes!
  • And his character, why didn't he tell anyone about the aliens? Maybe the Priest 'took care' of him?
  • How did the case survive after the ship Leeloo was on crashed? If it wasn't really carrying the stones there would be no reason to place any kind of special protecting on it.
  • The glass looked like it was broken immediatly before Leeloo punched it out.
  • Why did the President take his shoe off? He took it off before he noticed the bug.
  • That brings up another question: Why didn't they notice the little radar dish on the back or the bug? They had to have cleaned it up at some point, they wouldn't notice a thing like that?
  • Couldn't the police have told who was really Korben? Why did they ask? They could have just used those scanners to find out.
  • What was the Magalore's "Plan B"?? Just shoot a bunch of stuff?
  • When Korben, Leeloo, Ruby, and Cornelius were evacuating Fhloston and the elevator was closing, the door wasn't closed all the way when Zorg looked at it.
  • There was what looked like an arm still in the fire after the phone booth blew up.
  • No one ever found the temple in Egypt? Why not? You would think with 200 billion people on Earth they would have expanded a little more.

    Clever Things

  • When Leeloo was instructing everyone how to open the stones she said "Fire burns, wind blows, water falls... " then died off. What about earth? I couldn't for the life of me if I was writing this movie think of something to have said for earth. What does earth do? Fall? That's probably why they left it out.
  • It's kind of Seinfeld-esque they way everything pieces together. Each character answers the other people's questions when there having a different conversation. Happens SO many times it's hard to miss.
    Well the poll is over. I'm tired of it being here. Here's the results:

    What would you rank The Fifth Element?

    Terrible (14) 4%
    It was there...(13) 4%
    One of the better movies (21) 6%
    One of the best movies (78) 22%
    In my Top 5 of all time! (227) 64%

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    Stay green says Ruby? What exactly is green? Well, apparently it's a reference to fruit. When fruit is fresh (in some cases anyway) it's green. So in fact what it seems as though he's saying is "stay fresh". My source on this one is unknown. I remember seeing it on TV (or was it that Jackie Chan movie?) though. It wasn't a reference to the movie, but he just said it and it made more sense in the context he brought it up in. Mystery solved!

    Original T5E Script Here!

    This is the original T5E script written by Luc Besson. You'll notice quite a few changes in the actual dialouge that they used for the movie. Download it and you'll not only have all the lines, but you also learn things like "Ruby Rhod" was originally "Loc Rhod".
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