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Become a Strider Soldier

When you become a Strider Soldier

  • You get a kickass newsletter posted to ya
  • You're automatically included in the Strider webring we're working on
  • You get access to a secret
  • You can take any images from a secret image gallery(not up yet)

My Favorite Links

Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages
The original is still the best!Good work!
We all loveCapcom when they get things right...they couldn't go wrong with Strider
Yahoo, Wanna open an account just for your strider stuff?


The Strider-Army wants you!

Yeah, you, HELLO THERE

We want you to press the Start Button and become a member of the Strider Army!

All you need to do click on "Join Us"

When the e-mail box comes up, leave a message stating that you want to be a part of the Strider army.Also leave your name and e-mail address.THIS IS REQUIRED! If you have a Strider-based webpage, leave that in the message also. IF you have just a webpage, tell us so we can check it out, also if you are going to build a webpage, tell us also. Anime webpages are welcome.

Bear in mind, there are three rankings

  • The lowest is Strider_Foot Solider
  • Then there is Strider Avenger
  • The highest is Strider General
    Administrative positions
  • The board of Directors

    The board of Directors is a position that allows you to contribute to the webpage

  • The Vice Director

    The Vice Director is a position that allows you to maintain certain Strider Army accounts

    Make sure you specify which position you want...ONLY IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN AN ADMIN POSITION!


    Once you're a Strider Soldier, put this image on your page.

    This symbol will idenify you to all who glare at your webpage in awe that you are indeed a part of Strider Army


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