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Strider has captured the minds and imaginations of a new generation. Strider-Army was made to be a loud voice in that new generation. The Army founded by Strider_Fola is looking to make people more aware of the beginnings and the future of Strider Hiryu.

What are the Striders?

The Striders are a group of Super Ninjas, probably the strongest group of warriors in the world. There are three grades of Strider: C-class strider is the lowest, B-class strider is a mid-rank, A-class Strider is the elite, top class. Hiryu is the youngest A-class strider in the history of the organization

What is Strider Hiryu's story?

As mentioned before, Hiryu is the youngest A-class strider ever in the Striders' history.He is charged with stopping the evil mind behind a disturbing series of disasters that have taken place by the year 1998(It is these series of disasters that forces humansto abandon their old ways of living, in order to rebuild a peaceful world)

The mind behind the attacks is Meio,The Grand Master who studied the life patterns of Earth's inhabitants from his home on a distant nebula. His ultimate plan was to rule the world from a space station he had built between Earth and its loan moon. The "Third Moon" would serve as his control and planning center. Either Hiryu stops him or else...

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(Updated on Feb.20th 2000)New about Strider 2 and MvsC 2

The Run Saber game is made for Super NES. Want to know why the strider sites are talking about it? Click here to find out

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