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What The Hell IS Ska??

What is ska?

It seems like ska is everywhere now, but you still don't know exactly what it is? Well, ska is ablend of cultures and styles mixed into one to crate an upbeat type of music that keeps you dancing!! If you watch mtv than you have probably seen a Mighty Mighty Bosstones video. Well this is ska. I have heard it be described as "The clash of rock and reggae", but it has a history much deaper. SKa started around Jamaica and then spread to Europe. The ska you listen to on mtv is just one of the many genres the music has experienced. Ska has even been through three different waves. The original or firsat wave is traditional ska with music like the Skatalites and Bob Marley. The second wave is the branching off of ska into the mainstream and includes many European artists. The third wave is fast and upbeat and is usually strung with rock to create a sound that is very nice. There are many of these bands out and this is the more popular type of ska, but bands like the Skattalites still reign supreme.