Random Act of Kindness of the Month

June 2001


J. C. Solmonese School
Wendy Quinlan
Teacher of Technology

Three cheers to the PM Kindergarten classes of Mrs. Kline and Mrs. Dion! An odd thing has recently started happening! When it is time to line up for buses, instead of rushing to be first, these kindergarten children have started to say, "Go ahead, you can be first today!" Wow! We are all impressed. I hope that their act of kindness is catchy!



 P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher grade 3

Unfortunately one of my students had an accident recently and burned her hand. Her misfortune brought out the best in her classmates. Many of them were eager to help Kiara in any way they could. They copied her homework, put her things in the closet, and packed her book bag. It was a heart-warming sight! The children just started doing whatever they thought would make life easier for Kiara. I'm sure she agrees we have some very special children in A3-216!


School No. 6
Ellen Mandel-Steiner
Teacher - ESL K-5

This month I am happy to say that kindness runs in the family because the brother was our honoree back in October. They both share the same initial letters in their name, and are twins! RM has made great strides in the classroom. In the beginning, RM would often call out and interrupt the other children; now he raises his hand and listens beautifully. RM loves to help the class with chores, as well as be the weather or calendar reporter. He is an excellent listener who helps explain the classwork to others. It is just a pleasure to watch him grow!

Poplar Road Elementary
Menlia Trammell
Teacher - grades K-5

Poplar Road has a program in cooperation with Emory University, which serves autistic students within the regular classrooms. Nicole Taylor is a young African American fifth grade girl who is in that program. When the fifth grade students organized and presented a talent show, the students and staff gave encouragement to Nicole, and she sang a solo in front of the whole student body who were totally silent and in awe. She had a huge supportive audience and loud applause for that performance. All students seemed to recognize this landmark accomplish.


William Davison Elementary School
Lorol A. Brackx
Teacher - grades K-5

Davison's Acts of Kindness month is in full swing. Malaysia Buckner, a 4th grader, has been helping classmates, follows the school rules, and is kind to all students. Porche Purvis, 5th grader, has shared her treats with others, has helped students in her class with their work, and she supports students on the playground when others may be teasing them. Shibly Uddin, a 2nd grader, has helped her teacher complete a calendar, sort papers, and pass those papers back to the students in her class instead of taking her free time. Karima Uddin, another 2nd grader, helped her mother at home plant flowers, makes breakfast for the family, bathe her younger sibling, and helped her brother with his homework. These students have completed the most Acts of Kindness at school. I am proud to nominate these four students for this honor.


Steele School
Scott Stolzenberg
Teacher - music
Now that the Steele School's Elementary School's production of "CATS" is over, it is time to acknowledge a very talented and highly motivated fourth grader named Thomas. Throughout the creative process, Thomas learned everybody's part in the show. He offered support and assistance to his fellow cast members by giving up several hours of his own after school time to ensure a successful production. A few hours before the evening performance, we found out that another actor could not perform due to strep throat. Thomas came to rescue and was able to fill in at a moment's notice. Thomas is a truly special and gifted actor and student!


P.S. 279
Terry Engelbert
Teacher grade 3

Robert Serette is my nominee for this month's Random Act of Kindness of the Month Award. He is a hard working student who is also doing very well this year. Robert happens to be an excellent helper, around the classroom, as well as with his classmates. Today, Garry was having trouble with long division and Robert volunteered to work with him. Now both Garry and Robert are pros. Whenever I need anything, Robert is there to assist and take care of it for me. I am so proud of him and by the way if anyone needs help with long division, Robert's your guy.



Houghton Valley School
Louise Hugtenburg

The Junior School wishes to nominate Jordayne Ranganui and Serafine Pierre for a kindness award, due to their consistent kind and caring actions towards others. Serafine showed a friend his kind and caring nature by waiting and helping him when he could have easily gone to get his lunch. Jordayne has shown particular helpfulness to a new student by showing him around the school and being a friend.