Random Act of Kindness of the Month

March 2002


Claxton Elementary School
Stacey Fauci
Teacher-grade 2

       Macon would be a wonderful choice as an honoree for Random Acts of Kindness. She comes in to school early each morning, and helps me take down everyone's chairs and get the morning work ready for classmates. She is a good friend to everyone in the room and a good citizen of the school.


Feltonville Elementary
Cathleen Conner
Teacher - Grade 1

       The person that we have chosen this month is Carlos Carmona. Carlos is one of those students that you love to have in the classroom. He is a friend to everyone. He enjoys helping his friends during journal time spell words. And during the 100 Book Challenge he is always lending an ear to buddy read. Recently Carlos was seen giving directions to one of his friends during buddy reading. Carlos was helping this friend read a difficult word. Carlos was giving his friend strategies to read that particular word. Well his techniques worked, better than mine. When Carlos grows up he wants to be a doctor, a teacher, a policeman, a chef and a dad! Way to go Carlos!


J.O.Schulze Elementary School
Megan Fall
Teacher - Kindergarten

       Olivia Bailey is a Kindergartner at J.O.Schulze Elementary. All year she has exhibited an excellent example of kindness to her fellow peers. Anytime a friend needs help with something, she is there to extend her helping hand. If a friend's shoes are untied, she ties it for them. If someone is in need of something, she always replies, "They can have mine." Instead of arguing with friends during center time over an object, she will let them have the object first. I am very lucky to have Olivia Bailey's acts of kindness in my class because her behavior is extending to all my children on a daily basis.


Poplar Road Elementary
Menlia Trammell
Teacher - grades K-5

       Poplar Road Elementary's honoree for the March page is Lindsay R., a third grade student. Lindsay wrote down the information from the TV about sponsoring a Zambian child for $24 a month. She asked her parents if she could do it, and they agreed. She is striving to earn most of the $24 a month by doing chores at home, at her grandparent's house, and has set up a lemonade stand at her mother's beauty shop. She plans future ideas for making money for the nine year old Zambian boy she sponsors.


 School 6
Ellen Steiner
Teacher - ESL K-5

        Meisha deserves plenty of praise this month. I teach second and third graders in reading and math after school. In the beginning, Meisha had difficulty following classroom rules and procedures, but as time went on, I noticed a dramatic change. She became the class leader and helper. She has helped the second graders with classwork, as well as shared stories and essays with the class. Just the other day, she came up to me and said, "I enjoy the afterschool program because I get to help the teacher and students. " I think she would make an excellent teacher when she grows up!

Steele School
Scott Stolzenberg
Teacher - music
       Raymond is an outstanding fifth grade student at the Steele School. He is a member of student council and drama club. To ensure the success of our spring concert, Raymond organized and prepared the music for every student from kindergarten through fifth grade in the school to take home! Being swamped in piles of paper and a series of staples during your recess may leave some unfulfilled, but not Raymond. His contribution of school service is both generous and kindhearted. As they say, "Everyone Loves Raymond!"


P.S. 279
Harriet Stolzenberg
Teacher - computer lab

       This month I would like to honor a student in Miss Giordano's 5th grade class. Cadeem is someone who goes out of his way to help his classmates. When I give his class an assignment Cadeem will circulate the room to see who needs help. What amazes me is that even though he takes time out to help others, he still manages to complete his own work. I hope his class appreciates his random acts of kindness as much as I do!


P.S. 279
Winnie Bracco
Assistant Principal

       Colton Esquivel and Tui Degannes, of class 2-A225, found a new book in the stairwell and turned it into the Lost and Found. I must commend them for their honesty and good citizenship. A lucky person will be able to find their lost book thanks to their act of kindness.